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10 Top Signs To Know A Fraud Investment Website

The internet is filled with lots of fraud investment websites. But somehow most people still don’t know how to spot a fraud investment website. In this article we’ll introduce you to top 10 signs to lookout for before you invest your money(fiat and cryptocurrency).

This article might be centered on cryptocurrency investment platforms, it is also applicable to fiat investment websites. The signs listed here are peculiar to almost all fraud investment website.


1. High Profit A Short Period of Time: This is the first sign to look out for. Most of these investment platforms offers huge profit within a very short period of time. When you come across these investment sites we advice you to think again before you throw in your money or cryptocurrency.

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2. No License: Most of these fraud platforms have no government license. This means that they are not registered with the government and might likely not be held responsible for any lose.

3. No Known Address: Most of the fraud investment websites have no known address. They most times come up with any known address oversea that is usually not valid.

4. Unknown CEO and Technical Crew: The people behind these investment websites are usually unknown. Sometimes they claim fake identity and use as the person behind the investment. To confirm such identity, try use google search, Facebook search to confirm if it is legit.

5. Hidden Website Registration Details: The WHOIS information of these investment sites are usually hidden. Unlike regular WHOIS information that includes the name,address,phone number and email of the owner, the registration details of these websites are usually hidden.

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6. No Clear Vision/Mission: These websites have no clear vision/mission. They take advantage of the human nature to make more money to attract investors.

7. No Proof Of Investment: Most of these platforms give the impression that they are into some sort of investment. They in turn use the profit from the investment to pay its investors. But in most cases there are no real proof of investment by these websites.

8. Investment plans are usually short term. This means that in most cases they offer you return of investment within hours in some cases days.

9. They don’t usually create social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or run Google Ads. reason because they will need to pay for these Ads with valid debit card. So to avoid been linked with anything that will give away their true identity they use local blogs for reviews.

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10. These investment sites that last long. In some cases they only stay around for two weeks and shut down with peoples money.

The above are some signs popularly related to fraud investment website. There are more signs to look out for but these are more frequently associated with them. So before you invest in any investment website, take a pause and look for the signs. Learn to look before you leap to keep you on the safe side.

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  1. Informative and useful. As a neutral in this topic, I know a few guys who try to study the behaviours of investment websites. Especially those HYIP. So that, while it is still “young” they will cash in on it and cash out before it collapses. How wise is that?

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