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CSO Survey; Over 500,000+ Ontarians in Canada owns Cryptocurrency

The number of people who are now trading cryptocurrency is growing on a daily basis. And one of such place in the world where CryptoCurrency is becoming widely accepted is Canada.

According to a research conducted by the Ontario Securities Commission, it reveals that over half a million people, 5 percent of Ontario residents, currently own cryptocurrencies.

Here is a report from the study carried out by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) entitled “Taking Caution: Financial Consumers and the Cryptoasset Sector.” The report describes: “Five percent of Ontarians currently own cryptoassets. Based on recent population estimates, this figure translates into over 500,000 Ontarians currently holding at least some cryptoassets. An additional 4 percent of Ontarians owned cryptoassets in the past but no longer do.”

More specifically, the Canadian Department of Statistics currently shows an estimate of 14,374,084 citizens in the province. This equates to 718,704 Ontarians presently holding some type of cryptoassets.

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It’s also revealed that half of cryptoasset owners spend less than $1,000 on their cryptocurrencies, with 90 percent spending under $10,000. Meanwhile, about 50,000 Ontarians spend more than $10,000.

Crypto interest is ever growing…

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