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6 Facts Worth Knowing Before You Invest In Bitcoin (2019 Edition)

To invest in bitcoin come 2019 is still a very wise decision. Some persons with big financial muscles have made millions from bitcoin investment in 2018. You might want to join the league of possible millionaires by investing in bitcoin come 2019.

No doubt Bitcoin is one of the most valuable asset in the world right now. In fact in the world of cryptocurrency bitcoin is the King of the Jungle. Bitcoin not only dominates the crypto world but also rules it. We have seen that a fall in bitcoin price have also results to a fall of prices in the crypto market.

The very much expected bull run at the end of the 2018 is not forth coming. With just one more lap till the end of this years race the cryptocurrency market is struggling. Which makes it the right time to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency(or not). But should you decide to invest in bitcoin come 2019 there are few things you should keep in mind.

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The following are real life facts that you should not ignore. Keeping them in mind will help you make better decisions investing your money in bitcoin.

1. The Price Of Bitcoin

It is very important that you understand that the price of bitcoin won’t remain the same. You have to be ready for anything the bitcoin market will through at you. Sometimes the price won’t rise as you have expected(it’s happening/happened to most people who were expecting a bull run at the end of the year). Coming in terms with this fact will help you to strategize how best to maximize your investment. Knowing when to buy,Hodl and when to sell your bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin Might Not Be The Best Crypto Investment

This is very true as it seems bitcoin is already at its peak(although some crypto experts have predicted its price to to go all the way up to $25,000). However the likes of Ether, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin and Monero witness unexpected rise in price in 2018. This means that you should check out other options, what if there is a crypto with better chance of making you rich. We leave you to be the judge of that. However bitcoin is very popular and investing there won’t be such a bad idea.

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3. Fraud Investment Sites

Perhaps this is one major fact you should not ignore. Most investment site in 2018 are ponzi schemes and are frauds and we don’t think 2019 will be any different. So you have to be very careful where you through in your bitcoins else you might just lose everything bitcoin you owned.

4. No Free Bitcoin Anywhere

You have to accept that there are no free bitcoins lying on the ground somewhere. The idea that someone you met online is promising you bitcoin worth thousands of dollar should be abandoned. If bitcoin were that easy to get everyone would have been rich. Point is you have to earn bitcoin come 2019. You can do this either by MINING or by INVESTING your bitcoin.

5. Expect Anything

So you have some money to throw around and you throw some into bitcoin. Well that is a nice move but don’t expect too much. The best advice is you should expect anything. Investment is a game of lose and win but we mostly like the winning part of it. Our advice though is you should expect anything. It might turn out that bitcoin investment is not as profitable as you had expected. So don’t feel too disappointed when that happens.

6. Read Bitcoin News

To stay up to date with recent happenings in the world of bitcoin you need to read about news from blogs, websites, YouTube videos etc. This will help you to understand and know more about recent happenings in the world of bitcoin.

If you want to truly invest in bitcoin come 2019 then you should be prepared. If you are looking for investment option then try SPLITT cloud mining. If you have any question please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as we can. We truly hope that you make more money in 2019 safely.

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