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Japanese Triple-1 Company is Developing 7nm Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Triple-1 company was founded two years ago (2016) and headquartered in Fukuoka. The Japanese company engages in ASIC chip development and cryptocurrency mining farm construction. Triple-1 Co. Ltd., started considering the development of 7nm bitcoin mining chips in February last year.

However, Triple-1 has confirmed this week that it has completed “the silicon wafer, the sample-chip, the sample-board and the prototype-unit of the mining [7nm] ASIC chip ‘Kamikaze.’”

A representative of the said: “we have been conducting a verification of the function as well as the efficiency on the sample-chip and prototype unit,” adding that the company’s “partner foundry is TSMC Co. Ltd. (Taiwan).”

The company has revealed that the the power efficiency of Triple-1’s 7nm chip is listed at 0.05W/GH, and claims, reduces power consumption by at least 50 percent over a conventional 16nm chip.

The Kamikaze chip is the same size as conventional chips, but with a circuit density 5.2 times greater, the company claims, which boosts each chip’s performance to 300GH/s or more.

“Although mining capacity is more than four times that of conventional products, power consumption is expected to be halved at maximum,” said Takuya Yamaguchi, the President and CEO of Triple-1.

According to Triple-1’s development schedule, the sample 7nm bitcoin mining unit is expected to be completed at the end of September.

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