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About NNU: Is NNU Legit or Just Another Fraud Scheme


NNU is the recent wave going on in Nigeria right now. For a fact this online money making website have grown more by some 300% in the span of just two months. In this article we’ll try to review NNU and it’s activities to see if it’s safe to invest in this platform.

What makes a legit investment platform, first the people behind the scheme have to be known. That is they have to be real people that is accessible. Next they have to be a registered company in their local country. A legit investment platform also need to provide some sort of services or sell some sort of goods that makes money for them. Let’s see if NNU meets these criteria and many others.


NNU is the acronym for Nigeria News Outlet and it seems the platform is designed as a community that helps people make money. While it’s primary goal might be to disperses news to its visitors, it seems however that it’s secondary goal is to make money for its visitors too. With that been said let’s see if it’s safe to invest your money in this platform.


Let’s answer the first question of who is behind this scheme. The said owner is one Mr Paul Samson that has an account on Facebook. To further point their legitimacy they further point out to other project that they have embarked on CLICK HERE to read about that.

The next question is what is NNU selling and who are the buyers. The answer to this question is that they are actually selling nothing. This platform is just like a forum that allows it visitors to read news and make money. Is this platform a registered company again the answer is NO. There is no known company called NNU registered in Nigeria with a known address.

The truth about this platform is that, they are just another smart ponzi scheme that is attracting investors. The networking is built in such a way that it attracts more people. Registration is N1,600 and only N600 is sent to NNU allowing your referral to earn N1,000. Ask yourself this question, N1,600 was paid as one time registration fee only N600 can’t be accounted for. Where is that N600 going and who is receiving it and why. The logic is simple, this platform simply give huge referral benefits to attract more people into the scheme.

The structure of this platform is that early investors will be paid and there is 80% chance that later investors will loss their money. So if you are planning on joining this platform now is the time for you to join. However it’s very important to note that NNU won’t last forever and you should play the game wisely.

Mntrends can’t categorically tell our visitors to invest in NNU or not but we surely advice our visitors against been wise when it comes to NNU. Know when to get your money out and if you are a late investor please understand that there is 80% chance that you’ll loss your investment.

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