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All you Should Know About Cooperate Banking In Nigeria

Cooperate Banking is a type of Banking offered by Nigeria Banks. Unlike Card Banking, Mobile Banking and Cardless Withdrawals, Cooperate Account Banking is more broad, more flexible and have more benefits to offer its holders.
There are lots of benefits to having a Cooperate Account in Nigeria. It is relatively easy to open and very easy to maintain. But somehow most people have not been making good use of this type of account.
Cooperate Banking is best suitable for SMEs and local business owners. It offers incredible benefits for business owners and SMEs. In this article Mntrends will introduce you to this type of account and it’s benefits.

What Is Cooperate Banking

Cooperate Banking is a type of Banking that is meant for SMEs and small business owners. This type of banking enables SMEs to have access to small business loans, internet banking and many more.

With the above in mind, having this type of account with Nigeria Banks will also aid grow your business. It exposes SMEs and business owners to business opportunities and other links them with other top business owner.

Benefits Of Cooperate Banking In Nigeria

There are lots of benefits to having this type of account in Nigeria. Below are few of these benefits.

  • Access to Loan to finance SMEs and for business owners to buy equipment for the business.
  • Varieties of Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards.
  • The use of Naira and Dollar Cards.
  • Owners of this account type can trade outside the borders of their country with ease.
  • A good account type for business owners to manage their business account.
  • Internet Banking is activated to owners of this account type.
How To Open Cooperate Banking In Nigeria(Requirements)

To open this account type in Nigeria is relatively easy. You just need to get some paper work and documents to submit for approval.

  1. Business name registration approval or document(If you have a registered business business. This certificate is usually issued by CAC in Nigeria)
  2. A running a business for a period of time(Preferably years).
  3. Proof of business(including physical structures, products etc).
  4. Valid means of verification for persons opening this account type(International Passport, Voters Card, National Identification Number, Drivers license).
  5. Address verification.
  6. Details of business including number of employers(contract and full time workers).
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There are different types of Cooperate Banking available in Nigeria Banks. They all offer different types of features and benefits. In our subsequent articles we’ll try and bring you more details about the different types available.
SMEs and business owners should make use of Cooperate Banking to develop and grow their business. Now you know what Nigeria banks are offering to SMEs and Business owners you should consider getting this type of account.
Have any experience using this type of account, please tell us via the comment section below. Please use the Facebook and Twitter share button below to share our posts on social media.

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