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Asic Mining: Splitt Cloud Mining Rated Among The Best


When bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining was first introduced, CPU was used. As time goes on, GPU was introduced that was more sophisticated with more power. However the introduction of ASIC mining is now a better replacement for both CPU and GPU. And Splitt is offering its investors the best return of investment for its investors with their ASIC mining contract.

In case you don’t know about splitt please CLICK HERE to read our previous articles about splitt cloud mining. In this article we’ll discuss why Splitt is rated among the best cloud mining platforms. And we’ll also discuss how you can benefit from using the splitt ASIC mining contract.


Although Splitt offers other mining contracts, the best contract in split is the ASIC mining. This contract offers more that 4% return of investment that runs for 30 days. The activate the ASIC mining contract in Splitt you need a minimum of 0.5 btc. Daily return if investment that is paid out hourly.

This mining contract is the most profitable investment in the splitt mining contracts. Although a bit expensive but we advice if you have the btc you should try it out. If you don’t already have a splitt account CLICK HERE to register for a free account and earn a $10 bonus.

Splitt is still new to in the cryptocurrency mining industry but with its ASIC mining contract its paying its investors well. You can register for a free account and start your investment today and start making more Bitcoin and more money. CLICK HERE to register for a free account and earn $10 bonus after sign up. Have any questions, please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message.

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