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Best Investments: See Top Investment Opportunities With Profits

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Buying of company shares seems to work wonders in the past. But we are in the 21st century and things have changed a little bit. While it is still wise and profitable to buy company shares, we are going to look from other perspective the best investments opportunities that you might have over looked.
The list in this article is arranged from recent happenings and development in recent times. And we’ll try to arrange the list from the best investments option to the least. Are you ready, let’s get started.
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Important Note: Mntrends is not an investment advisor, we are only a website that write about reviews and give options. So please be sure to check with your legal advisor should you find any of our reviews or options interesting. Thanks


1. Bitcoin: So many people think that the boat of bitcoin have sailed and long gone. But that is not entirely accurate as some expert predicts that bitcoin is just getting warmed up. Most persons have had the opportunity to buy bitcoin(or mine) and with the right investment platforms have grown the bitcoins and became millionaires.
Take for example, the splitt mining company gives its investors about 4.5% return of investment every hour for 30 days that is cool right. This means that with just few btc you can invest and actually earn more. Another reason why you should consider bitcoin investment is its price.
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Bitcoin Price is low right now and there is a strong possibility of a bull run towards the end of the year. This means that if you purchase or own a bitcoin worth about $150 now by December that same btc might be work more than $500(in theory). Bitcoin investment is definitely among the best investments that will yield good profit.
2. ICO(Initial Coin Offering): ICO is a guide way to buy lots of cryptocurrency with prospect hence its a good investment. There are lots of ICO in the cryptocurrency world but you can look for one with good prospect. Imagine owning 100,000 coins from ICO and eventually it came through and that coin worth $10 per coin. If you do the math you see it’s a good way to invest. However not all ICO have turned out to be good for it investors. Ripple did turn out well though, XRP even made its owners richest men in United States over night when it’s priced jumped by some 200%.
3. Miropass A-Mart: Miropass is an online shopping Mart that allows you to bring in your money to the market. You invest your money, they do some trade with it, bears the risk and give you profits every week. Miropass is a well registered company with its headquarters located in Abuja Nigeria. You can CLICK HERE to read more about Miropass A-Mart. There is a WhatsApp group created for Miropass Investment, you can CLICK HERE to join the group and ask any questions you have.
4. HYIP Investment: Somehow high yield investment program made the list of best investments. Well the main reason of investment is to make profit and HYIP gives more profit in a short period of time. CLICK HERE to read more about HYIP systems.
The above are based on recent happenings in the world. Bitcoin is dominating the cryptocurrency world, ICO is the new way to creating wealth(if it works out fine) Miropass is changing the rules of shopping Mart and HYIP is the rise of the day. So feel free to evaluate any of the best investments option above.

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