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Best Place To Buy Bitcoin: Comparing Various BTC Exchange Platforms

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Ever wondered the best place to buy bitcoin from the numerous bitcoin exchange platforms available. Well Mntrends is going to make it easy for you to select which exchange platform to buy trade with. In this articles we’ll try to compare about three exchange platforms and you can choose the one that best suit you.



Luno and Remitano are two giant exchange platforms that offers hood services. However both have their differences and their mode of operation is quite different. While they share some similarities like have inbuild bitcoin wallet, their payment method is very different. Let’s get started.

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Luno allows its customers to transfer funds from their bank account to their Luno account. This makes it easier for payment during purchase. Remitano on the other hand allows its customers to do mobile transfer from their banking App.

When it comes to payment method, Luno transactions are relatively fast but it requires giving out some level of credit card or bank details. But Remitano on the other don’t requires such, you can make the payment from your mobile banking app and keep your information personal.

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If you are looking for fast transactions without giving attention to personal details, then Luno is your best option. But if you are a bit skeptical about giving out personal information like bank details, then Remitano will work best for you as you are in control of your details.


We already discussed about Remitano from the above. But Paxful offers even more advanced method of payment. With Paxful you have various means of making payments for the bitcoin purchase.

You can use PayPal funds and even gift cards like iTunes and Amazon cards to make payment. The advantage of Paxful is that it allows for a more easy way to make payment Globally. However, Remitano seems to be in more countries compare to Paxful that is currently not available in most countries (especially African countries).


Golix is an exchange platform currently in Zimbabwe. Golix have lots of feature that makes quite remarkable among which is the prospect of trading lots of cryptocurrencies. From recent updates, Golix Token can also be exchanged in the website. But when it comes to state of the art services, Golix is still far behind.

For some countries, registration in Golix can be very difficult. LUNO however have a more user friendly interface that allows for easy registration. While Golix try to make their website secure with two factor authentication, LUNO takes advantage of a one time log in. And that is a faster way of accessing an exchange platform while keeping security in mind.

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LUNO and Paxful have a mobile app that makes their services faster and easier. Remitano is yet to have any official Mobile App as at the time of writing this article. Other website like Localbitcoins, worldwidebitcoins also offer nice services. You can CLICK HERE to check the list the recently updated exchange platforms.

Now you can decide to use any of the above exchange platforms that works best for you. For easy transaction, LUNO is a better option, for more privacy and security, Remitano is a better option, for worldwide bitcoin purchase go for Paxful and for various cryptocurrency trade use Golix. It is now easy for you to select one of the best place to buy bitcoin from the comparison above.

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