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Best Way To Buy Bitcoin: Better Ways To Easily Make Payment For Bitcoin

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For every user that needs bitcoin the easiest way is to simply buy. But most persons don’t know how and where to buy bitcoin. In this article we’ll discuss the best way to buy bitcoin. When we refer to the best way to buy bitcoin we mean how to pay for bitcoin. Let’s get started with knowing some really easy ways you can pay for bitcoin purchase.

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There are various ways to make payment for bitcoin. But the popular of them all is with your credit/debit card(Master/Visa Cards). The credit/debit card payment requires you to link your card to your account. Almost every exchange platforms support this type of payment and its relatively fast. The next popular option of making bitcoin payment is the bank payment method. In this type of payment a buyer is requested to link his bank account with the exchange account.

And money is transferred from his account into his online exchange account. Once this is done, he can then make bitcoin purchase with the balance in the exchange account. The two method mentioned above requires that you give out some personal information. But there are other ways that won’t necessary require these personal information.

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The following method won’t necessary require that you give out personal details. In some of the payment method listed below, all you need is a Gmail from the seller or just a bank account to make a simple transfer.


Buying bitcoin with PayPal is very easy and simple. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using this method is due to the fact that your details remain secure. Making payment with PayPal only require that you get the PayPal email of the seller and send him the money. In some exchange platforms you are given a transaction code and you include this as payment purpose. Once you got an order ready, you just log into your PayPal account and send the money to the seller using the right transaction code and it’s done. It’s fast, reliable and you don’t need to give out any personal information.


This method is mostly used locally. Online transfer is transferring money from your local bank account to another local bank account. And like the PayPal method of payment, you don’t have to give out personal details.

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This method you just get your mobile banking App, fill in the receiver details and the transaction code then send. It’s very important that you take note of the transaction code as this will be used to track the trade. Most exchange platforms support this payment method because it’s very fast. PayPal and Online Transfer does not require giving out personal details to a third party. The advantage of PayPal over Online Transfer is that PayPal can be used globally but Online Transfer can best be use Locally.


This is just the perfect way to get bitcoin online. Other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for bitcoin in some exchange platforms. This means that if you have MONERO, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN CASH, BITCOIN GOLD and the rest, you can swap them to get bitcoin. This can be done from anywhere you are in the world and you won’t have to give out any personal details. Once you attempt a swap, the value of your coin will be estimated with that of bitcoin. And the equivalent in bitcoin will be sent to your wallet address almost instantly.

There are ways to buy bitcoin but we believe the three ways above is the best way to buy bitcoin. No personal details required, fast transaction rate and can be used to buy bitcoin from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget that you can promote your business, products, goods and services to millions of people using the Mntrends Sponsored post. CLICK HERE to know more about this wonderful service.

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