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Bitcoin Price Set To Cross $9,000 for the first Time

In the early hours of today, the price of bitcoin have been dangling between $8,980 and $8,990. It seems that the price of bitcoin might just cross the $9,000 landmark by the end of the day. Some countries have rejected the use of bitcoin but more countries are showing increasing interest.
In Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and more are now investing in bitcoin more fully. The fact is that Public acceptance has been the major reason for the rise in bitcoin price, it seems the price will only continue to rise now as more people are now showing interest with each passing day.
In Africa alone, there are more than 100 bitcoin investment platforms/website with over ten thousand people participating in each of these investment schemes.
With the end of the month still few days away, if bitcoin should cross the $9,000 landmark it means it will most likely cross the $10,000 landmark by the end of the year. Expert prediction shows that by 2018, bitcoin will be worth more than $12,000.

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