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How To Increase Your blog Earnings With Affiliate Programs

In our previous article we discuss about CHOOSING THE RIGHT AFFILIATE PROGRAM FOR YOUR BLOG. In this article we’ll be discussing about how to increase your blog earnings using Affiliate Programs.
There is no trick and this post does not guarantee immediate result. But if you follow the steps outline, over time you will earn more from blogging and eventually increase your blog earnings. Lets get started.

What Is Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is a type of program offered by big companies where these companies pay for each person referred to them by advertisers. Each advertiser is given a unique url or link by the company and every time someone access the company’s website using the unique referral link that advertiser is paid.
Lots of companies offers affiliate program, from insurance companies to loan companies and even online stores. You can decide to choose any affiliate program that best suite your audience and start earning.


Affiliate programs are not only easy to get but are also easy to implement. The secret to making more money from your blog via affiliate programs is that you can apply for more than one.
In real sense, you can have multiple affiliate programs in your blog. And if these programs are related to your niche and you audience likes what they see, you will be making money. Imagine having three affiliate programs in your blogs and getting paid $100 from all three programs monthly. Do the Maths and you’ll see that it’s a good deal.
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But its important to note that your affiliate link placement matters a lot. Do not place your affiliate link in the footer because that is same as hiding it. It is preferably that you place your affiliate links within your content. And direct people to click and check it out.
For example, at the top of the article, you’ll see a CLICK BELOW FOR FREE BITCOIN. That is an affiliate link and we are directing people to go earn free bitcoin. We get paid for every user that click and register.
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Next is, you can write reviews about your affiliate platform. In the article, you can place your affiliate link and direct people to click and register in the platform or buy a product. The logic is simple, now that you have the affiliate link, get more people to be aware of the link and encourage your visitors to click.
We have manage to gather some few blogging tips and you can CLICK HERE to see more blogging tips. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to use the CONTACT US page and send us a message.

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