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Buy Bitcoins: The Best Place To Buy Bitcoins


Bitcoin payments via text message

Every wondered where you could get bitcoins without been scammed. The best place to buy bitcoins should sell bitcoin at a cheap rate, they should be reliable, their transaction should be fast and they should have good customer support.

In this article we’ll suggest some platforms where you can buy bitcoins now only at cheap rate but also fast processing and reliable services. Its important to note that the platforms are randomly listed and the platform taking the number one spot is not necessary the best platform.


Paxfull is an online platform that offers one of the best services when it comes to buying bitcoins. The most interesting feature of Paxfull is that it supports multiple payment methods. Paxfull accepts PayPal, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Gift Cards(e.g Amazon and Itune) as payment.

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The services of Paxfull is also relatively fast given the fact that bitcoins are sent to your wallet almost immediately. But it seems that the services of Paxfull is not available in all countries so you have to check if its available in yours from their website. Also you can install their App from Google Playstore(for Android users) and Apple store(for iPhone users).


The Luno platform provides it’s users with easy method of payment. Luno also have bitcoin wallet inbed in the system which makes it a good choice for buyers. With Luno wallet address all you have to do is make a purchase order, pay for the order and you are credited within minutes. The price of buying bitcoin in Luno is relatively cheap and they have one of the best online support you can think of.

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With Luno App, all you need to do is link your credit card, verify your identity and start buying. With Luno you can buy bitcoin for as small as 100NGN (100 Nigeria Naira which is about 5 cents). Use this code “3AXYC” to register in LUNO and get free bitcoin after you make your first purchase.


This is another nice place to buy bitcoins. Remitano not only support buying and selling of bitcoin but also that of other cryptocurrencies. Like Luno, Remitano also have its own inbuild wallet. This makes transaction fast and reliable. Another good feature of Remitano is its online support system. You can chat with an online agent and you get response almost immediately. Unlike Luno however, Remitano have minimum amount of bitcoin that you can buy. But in overall, Remitano offer wonderful services and its services is global. CLICK HERE to register in Remitano and start buying and selling bitcoin for free.

There are other places to buy and sell bitcoin like, COINMAMA, BELFIRCS, LOCALBITCOINS, WORLDWIDEBITCOINS etc. CLICK HERE to see the updated lists of places where you can buy bitcoin from around the globe. With the above we wrap up the best place to buy bitcoins article.

Feel free to make bitcoin purchase in any of the above websites, they are safe, fast and reliable. Don’t forget that you can take advantage of Mntrends sponsored posts to get your business, services and products to reach millions of people. CLICK HERE to read about the benefits of Mntrends Sponsored Posts.

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