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China, Vietnam, South Korea Which Country Is Next To Set Up Rules For Bitcoin and Crypto Use

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 Towards the end of last year, China made an adjustment to its regulations regarding the use and exchanges of bitcoin and other crypto in the country. This new adjustment saw some of the bitcoin exchange platforms temporary/permanently closed in China. The bitcoin market shifted from China to its neighbors South Korea and Japan who then had a favorable regulations for bitcoin and other crypto traders.

According to a report from Mntrends News website, the Vietnam government have also made adjustment to its regulations as regards to the use of bitcoin and other crypto in the region. According to Goody_Jollof an Mntrends News Article writer “Following reports that some cafés and restaurants still accept Bitcoin as payment, the Vietnamese government has announced that they would be investigating establishments around the country that accept the digital currency as payment.
Despite warning from the State Bank of Vietnam on the currency,  there are reports of the cryptocurrency still being used to purchase goods and services.

Recently, South Korea also made its own adjustment of rules regarding the use and exchange of bitcoin and other crypto in the country. Although its citizens are not accepting these adjustments with open arms but the adjustments have been made.

As more countries continues to make adjustments regarding the use and exchanges of bitcoin, one can only start to imagine which country will be next. Might be Russia, Germany, USA, Japan, Nigeria, Tanzania or even India. We can’t say for certain which country is next but you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Mntrendsblog and you can also like our Facebook Page “Mntrends Blog” for latest updates.

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