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Cloud Mining: Is Cloud Mining Website Legit Cloud Mining

If you are interested in bitcoin, then no doubt you might/must have heard of cloud mining. is one of the many platforms online that offers bitcoin cloud mining. Why cloud mining, unlike traditional mining cloud mining offers easier an faster way to mine bitcoin.

With cloud mining, you won’t have to connect any hardware you just buy contract from these mining platforms and they do the job while you sleep, play football, drink with friends or doing anything you like.


In a simple and easy to understand explanation, is a newly introduced online bitcoin mining platform. According to the website, there headquarter is located in London and Mr. Nguyen as the CEO.

Mr. Nguyen is said to be from China. And uses cloud mining to mine bitcoin. According to the website, they have servers in China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Sweden. offers different contract the almost anyone can buy. And it’s interface is designed in such a way that even amateurs can understand how to buy a contract and start mining bitcoin. According to the website Splitt Corp Ltd is located at 72 Great Suffolk Street London, United Kingdom, SE1 0BL.

You can CLICK HERE to register for a free account and start mining bitcoin from your home without  to sweat over it. cloud mining company is still relatively new in the business. So be sure to read their terms of service before you start using the platform.

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