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Crypto Enthusiasts Won’t Accept Crypto Ban Without A Fight

It seems that American crypto enthusiasts have run out of patience with respect to a clearly unregulated legislative base. More than 50 industry leaders gathered at the invitation of Congressman Warren Davidson to discuss this issue. The round table was attended by representatives of Nasdaq, Fidelity, Andreessen Horowitz, State Street, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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The above is the update from CRYPTO NEWS telegram channel. And it seems more crypto enthusiasts are now accepting a crypto ban with their arms fold. Aside from American crypto enthusiasts, crypto users from other countries are also on the move.

In Africa for example, crypto enthusiasts have devised new ways to trade crypto should there be a crypto ban. Although the likes of Zimbabwe have placed restrictions on the use of crypto in the country, but countries like South Africa and Nigeria are still silent.

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Cryptocurrency companies are expanding their operations. The likes of Coinbase, Remitano recently added new cryptocurrency to their exchange platform. Although gaining popularity everyday, the future of crypto is still up for debate. Most investor are optimistic that crypto is here to stay and for good reasons we don’t doubt that.

HTC next smart phone is rumored to be powered by Blockchain. While the news might not entirely be true but it does raise curiosity as to what can be achieved with the blockchain technology. Throwing away all the possibilities is something most crypto enthusiasts are not willing to do.

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The movement is on and crypto enthusiasts in the America, Africa and other part of the world are fighting for crypto. The drama is still unfolding and we hope the government, law and financial organizations come to accept the use of crypto.

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