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Crypto Market Price Update: Cryptocurrency Price In Greener Pasture

crypto market

For the first since June, the crypto market is experiencing green flags. It seems that the crypto market is experiencing its own fair share of greener pasture. Almost all cryptocurrency in the market are experiencing a rise in price and this is good for investors. Below are top cryptocurrencies in the crypto market that is experiencing tremendous boom in price.


Surprisingly DOGECOIN tops the list of this chart as it experienced some 18.01% rise in market price. Although at the bottom of the crypto market list in terms of its market price, this coin experienced a tremendous rise in price. Next is DECREDthat experienced a 15.15% increase in price. This increase in price saw the coin jumped to some $72.10 per coin.

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Another notable coin that is also having a taste of this crypto market boom is MONERO. The price of this coin is currently pegged at some $137.4 per coin and it experienced some 11% increase in its price. The coin GXCHAIN was not left out as it experience an increase of some 12.5% in its market price. This increase saw the price of this coin rise up to some $3 per coin.

Notable coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, RippleXRP, Litecoin, EOS, Stellar, NEO, DASH and TRON also enjoyed in this recently green pasture of the crypto market. BITCOIN experienced some 5% increase in price which saw its price rise to some $6,690 per coin. ETHEREUM also experienced a 5% increase in price with a current market price capped at $474 per ether.

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BITCOIN CASH saw a 8.4% in its price XRP,EOS,LITECOIN,STELLAR,NEO,DASH experienced 5.8%,7.5%,5.6%,4.2%,7,86%,7.45% rise in price respectively. The biggest losser in the crypto market last week EOS, experienced some 7.5% rise in its price this week making it now cost some $8 per coin.

The stage is set and the market price of cryptocurrency is gradually coming up. Will the trend continue or will there be a back slide in the coming weeks. We don’t know for sure but for now lets take a glass of wine and enjoy the rise in price of cryptocurrency. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates.

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