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CryptoTab Browser A Better Way To Mine Bitcoin

CryptoTab Browser might just be among the most underrated bitcoin mining platforms of our time. This might be true due to the fact that despite all the features that CryptoTab Browser offers its still in the shadows.

Over the past few months some cryptocurrency mining platform have had issues, some have shut down others are bringing new policies to keep the system alive. In one of our recent research, about 80% of the cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms are all ponzi schemes. You can read our previous articles about cloud mining services HERE.

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In this article however, we’ll be looking at a very different bitcoin mining option. It’s the CryptoTab browser. Unlike most cloud mining platforms that requires you to buy some contracts before you start earning, CryptoTab browser only requires you to install their browser and start mining. It’s that simple and easy.


First you need to register for a free CryptoTab account CLICK HERE to register for free. Next you need to download the CryptoTab browser to you computer. You can link your Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus account to sign up. Now connect your computer to the internet and watch CryptoTab mine bitcoin for you.

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CryptoTab browser has same feature and looks like Google Chrome browser. Although we can specifically tell if it’s internal feature is as advanced and secure as the Chrome browser, but we can say it’s relatively fast when browsing the internet.

The good news is that this browser is now available for computer and mobile phone users only. As at the time of writing this article, an update of the CryptoTab browser have been released for mobile devices. So if you want to enjoy using this free browser to mine bitcoin then please get a computer or a mobile phone.

You can check our Tech Website to see list of available phones that is up to date and can mine bitcoin for you. These phones are packed with recent processing chip-sets that allows it to browser and process fast.

Conclusively, CryptoTab browser is definitely a free way to earn bitcoin. You just need to get a computer or a good mobile phone. Use this Official Link to register for a free account, connect to the internet, download the browser and start mining.

The minimum withdrawal for CryptoTab is 0.00001 as at the time of writing this article. If you have any question please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message.

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