Firefox 64 Launches with Two New Addictive Features

Mozilla has launched Firefox 64 and it comes with an impressive features. The two new features that comes in Firefox 64 are aimed to simplify and personalize your browser usage.

Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR)

According to Mozilla blog, “CFR is a system that proactively recommends Firefox features and add-ons based on how you use the web.” This feature thus, will study your browsing habits and, if it happens to have a vital extension or feature it thinks will help make your life easier, it will recommend it.

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For example, Firefox’s Pinned Tabs setting, will allow users that frequently open the same sites in multiple tabs to instead open them all upon launching the browser, and having them constantly at hand as you browse.

Mozilla has given full assurance to its users that, it doesn’t collect this data and that it’s instead stored locally in your copy of Firefox.

MTO (Multiple Tab Organization)

It is very common for internet users to have many tabs open, especially when they are searching for different topics at same time. It could be on sports, and at same time other news headlines. But knowingly or unknowingly to users, this can add up to a lot of tabs. How does anyone ever organize all those tabs?

Well, here comes the other major feature landing with Firefox 64 that enables you to organize multiple tabs into groups and perform actions on those clustered tabs. you can now shift or ctrl-click multiple tabs from the tab bar, and organize them the way you want. You can mute, move, bookmark or pin them quickly and easily.

Indeed, Firefox 64 is aimed at simplifying and personalizing your browser usage.

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