in , , , Wagering Contest A Good Way To Double Your BTC is one of the best gambling site for bitcoin users. Their recent update makes it possible for you to double your btc. They recently added a CONTEST page to their website that enables users to earn up to $30,000 worth of BTC. With a little tip and a struck of luck you might just be among the winners of the wagering contest.

The best part of this contest is that there are 10 slots to be filled up. This means that there are up to ten winners and you might just pick your spot.

There is no easier way to double your bitcoin. And it even gets better as this contest is of two phases. One the BTC you wagered and the ones your referrals wagered. This means that you can double your btc by playing the multiply game or when your referrals play the game.


As stated earlier is a gambling site. This means that if you want to make most of this website you have to gamble. But they also have other interesting features like Free Bitcoin every hour, Earn BTC which gives your daily BTC bonus and lots more. Read more about website HERE.

The ultimate question is how you can double your bitcoin with this Contest. First you need to sign up for a free account. You can to SIGN UP for a free account now.

To be able to contest in the wagering contest you need BTC. You can either send BTC to your wallet or Play free bitcoin every hour to accumulate BTC.

Once you have BTC in your account balance, you can now click on MULTIPLY BTC on the website and start to wager. Note that its a win/lose scenario hence you should be familiar with their terms and conditions.

If you wager more BTC by the end of the month you’ll then be given the price attached with how much BTC you wagered. You can also encourage your referral to do same and rewarded for it too.

NOTE: It is important to note that Mntrends won’t be held responsible for any lose of BTC duirng the wagering contest and vice versa. Win or Lose is at personal risk. Be sure to read the terms and conditions associated to the contest before you jump in.

Like we said earlier with a struck of luck you might just win the wagering contest and double your BTC. But note that reverse can also be the case and you’ll lose BTC. So you think you have what it takes to win the contest, SIGN UP for a free account today.

With there is little or nothing to loose. They offer a free bitcoin every hour feature that can easily help you get bitcoin. So you can still SIGN Up for a free account even if you don’t want to double your btc.

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