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How Choose The Right Affiliate Program for Your Blog

The best way to make money from blogging is to monetize your blog. And most blogger fights for the apporval of the likes of google adsense and media-net Ads. But there is a better way to monetize your blog and make more money and that is affiliate programs.
The good thing about affiliate program is that they work perfectly with any other Ads like Google Adsense and Media-net. Your first time of hearing about affiliate program? lets make an introduction and show you how it works.


Affiliate program in its simplest sense is a link you get from a company/website to invite others to see/buy a product. This program are of different types but the two most popular ones are the referral program and customer affiliate.
THE REFERRAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM: You get paid anytime you successfully refer a user using this link. This means that for each user you refer to the company/website, you get paid. This type of affiliate program is usually common with online investment, MLM and networking websites.
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THE CUSTOMER AFFILIATE: In here you get paid anytime a user uses your link to buy a product from the company/website. This type of link is usually from online shopping stores. And Jumia,Konga and Amazon have this type of program.


To decide the best program for your blog, you have to understand your visitors and your niche. It’s not wise if you have a Technology blog and you apply for a Food affiliate programs as your audience will be more interested in Technology so it’s best if you apply for technology affiliate programs. This will increase your clicks and in turn yield more revenue for you.
Big companies like Google, Amazon, MediaNet serve as the middleman between advertisers and companies. These companies accepts adverts from companies, gives the adverts to bloggers to put in their website and in turn they share the money.
These big advertising companies are best way to monetize your blogs as they always have adverts. They also have numerous adverts and best guess is that you’ll always have ads that fits your niche and your audience.
It is however important to note that companies like Google and Amazon have strict policies when it comes to advertisements.And your account can be terminated if they notice any unusual or invalid activity.
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There are many websites offering affiliate programs ranging from technology to food and you can check with Jumia, Konga and Amazon for a start  but the best way to apply for these programs is that when you find a website or company related to your niche, check their website if the offer this program. Lots of companies offer some sort of affiliate.
In conclusion, start using affiliate programs in your bogs today and be smart about it. don’t just go for any program but go for the one that suites your niche. Remember that affiliate programs are easy to get and having the right one in your blog works like magic.
You can apply for Google Adsense, MediaNet or Amazon affiliate program. A-ads Network is also a very good advertising network that works really well for persons who wants to earn with Bitcoin.

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