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How The Bitcoin Price Crash Is Affecting Investment Websites

The recent unexpected drama of the bitcoin price crash is worth a public discussion. This recent trend have affected every bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts investment websites inclusive. The bitcoin price crash came when everyone was expecting a bull run in the market.

With the bitcoin price crash all other crypto prices came down as well. Its almost as if the fate of other cryptocurrency is tied to that of bitcoin. All altcoin price is going down and this is no surprise as the boss bitcoin is struggling.

But then how does this crash affect bitcoin investment websites. I mean if there is a rise and fall in bitcoin price will definitely have impact on how bitcoin investment sites operate. In this article we’ll try and understand how the recent fall in bitcoin price is affecting bitcoin investment sites.

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Truth be told while bitcoin investment platforms are not entirely happy about the fall in bitcoin price and for good reason. A fall in bitcoin price means loss to bitcoin investment websites. How so check the analysis below

Imagine an investor that invested $1,500 worth of btc when bitcoin price $6,300. And this investor is expecting $700 worth of btc as return of investment. Lets assume that as at the time of making this investment $1,500 was 0.2 btc. Let us also assume that his propose return of investment $700 was to be 0.007 btc.

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But now that the price of bitcoin has crashed to $5,000. This means that his return of investment will no longer be 0.007 btc. Reason because $700 worth of btc will now be about 0.12btc. This simply means that the investment website would have to send him 0.005 btc extra as investment returns.

Now imagine investment websites with thousands of investors facing this situation. How do you think they’ll cope. The bitcoin price crash is definitely not a pleasant moment for bitcoin investment platforms.

The truth still remains that there is nothing these investment sites can do about the situation. They can wait for the price to bounce back or continue in faith. Investment platforms like Bitclub Advantage have had difficulty been in business due to situation like this in time past.

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However recent investment platforms like Splitt Cloud Mining have been very adaptive to these changes. Splitt recently announced to its members that they opening two new mining servers but will only be opening their minimum contract there. This low investment option will help them stay in business till the price of bitcoin experience a positive rebounds.

While some bitcoin investors might see this bitcoin price crash as opportunity to buy more. The situation is quite different for various bitcoin investment platforms. As they will have to struggle staying in business this period. For the sake of all our investment we hope the market experience a positive rebounds soon.

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