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How To Apply And Get A Credit Card In Nigeria

There is no doubt you have come across the word Credit Card couple of times. In one of our articles we wrote about Credit Cards in details. But have you ever wondered how you could get a Credit card in Nigeria, well this article is meant to help you out. So keep reading.
You might ask why not just stick to Debit Cards and forget about he use of Credit Cards. Well it might surprise you to know that Credit Cards provides more functionalities and more advantage. this does not mean its without disadvantages.
To be honest, the truth is getting a Credit Card in Nigeria can be very difficult. Unlike debit cards that are issued to Bank account holders, Credit Cards are not issued to everyone with Bank Account. There are criteria and conditions to be met.

Another reason why it is relatively difficult to get a Credit card in Nigeria is the fact that you can’t apply for it online. You have to visit a Bank branch before you can get one. Unlike the United States where you can easily get one online.

How To Get  A Credit Card In Nigeria

Of the three types of Cards, Debit Card is most likely the easiest to get. Credit Cards requires more information before it is issued. Prepaid Cards are even in a way more strict to get as they posses unique qualities.
To get Credit Cards in Nigeria please follow the instruction below carefully and wait for your Bank to reply your request for Credit Card

  1. You need to have an Account with the Bank of your choice. Savings Account, Current Account, Domiciliary Account or Diaspora Account.
  2. You also need to have a Salary Account with the Bank(this makes your approval faster).
  3. Validate your BVN(Bank Verification Number).
  4. Specify the account number to be linked with the Credit Card
  5. Visit any of the Bank Branch near you request for the Credit Card form.
  6. Fill the form appropriately
  7. Your BVN is always requested for during when filling the Credit Card application form.
  8. Select your preferred card type(available cards are usually Velve Cards, MasterCards and Visa Cards).
  9. Submit the form and wait for it to be processed(this usually takes about 30-40 minutes).
  10. Once its processed if the card is available you’d be given the available card and asked to visit another Bank attendant where you would then select the PIN for your Credit Card.
  11. You can also make use of the FirstBank Eligibility test to check if you qualify to get a Credit Card.
Quick Note

Unlike Debit Cards, Credit Cards take longer before they arrive. So you have to apply and wait for your Bank to call or send you a text that is available. The reason for this is due to the fact that Credit Cards provide you with credit facilities. This means that you  borrow money from the bank and payback on a later date.

According to FirstBank of Nigeria you can borrow up to $15,000 using your Credit Cards. Hence the bank would want to check if you can back when you borrow money using your Credit Card.
Using a Credit Card is not such a bad idea but the process to get one is not an easy one. Sp if you really want to make use of Credit Cards in Nigeria then you should check the requirements above and see if you are eligible to increase your chances of getting one.
Making use of Credit Card in Nigeria means you can easily get soft loan on the go. You do not need to visit any bank or stand in queues or fill lots of forms. Have any experience using Credit Cards in Nigeria please use the comment section below to tell us about it. Please share our posts on Facebook and Twitter using the share button below.

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