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How To Write Quality SEO Contents for Blogger and WordPress

In blogging, writing good and quality SEO contents is key. the importance of writing quality SEO contents can not be over emphasize. If you want to rank in various search engines you need quality contents.
By quality content we are not referring to your use of English but the structure and your writing technique. In this article we’ll show you few tips to write quality SEO contents for your blogs. Lets get started

What Is SEO

SEO simply means “Search Engine Optimization”. And SEO Contents are articles written that attracts search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search and Yandex Search to index these articles.
Most people think that SEO is a one time implementation. But on the contrary SEO is a continuous practice. The web space is been populated with each passing day. More blogs and websites are coming in and this means that SEO standards also have to be increased as to filter and rank good contents.
With time, a good content creator will study the trend and make adjustment as to how he/she writes his/her contents. Every writer have to put into consideration the fact that SEO is a continuous practice and he/she must work to improve the standards of the articles.


1. Suitable and Captivating Title: It all starts from here and the title of your content matters. Best titke practice is, it should not be too long and it should include your keyword. Keyword is the particular word you want your article to rank for. In this article for example, we are using QUALITY SEO CONTENTS as our keywords. you can notice that we tried to keep the title short and include the keywords.
2. Have A Focus Keyword: The next important tip to write an SEO content is having a KEYWORD/KEYWORDS. Keyword is the particular word you want to rank for and we already show you the keywords of this article. Now your keyword have to appear in the title and appear couple of times in your article. With YOAST SEO for wordpress users, its easy as they can just type in the keywords. But for blogger, you have to follow these steps to rank high.
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3. The Use of Subheading: Most writers ignore this and its their first mistake. Subheading explains to search engines bots what your articles contains. It streamline the article and makes it easier to understand. It is also important to note that your keyword should appear in your subheading. This will also increase your
chance of ranking high.
4. The Article: Your article should not be different from your title. For example, imagine we talking about how to prepare local soup after writing our title to be about SEO contents. Our article won’t rank because it has lost focus of the keyword. You article should not be more than 20 sentences before a full stop. make good use of paragraphs to make your article easy to understand.
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5. Internal/Inbound Links: Crawling links within your blogs becomes easier for search engines bots. Use the READ ALSO or SEE ALSO and put links from other articles in your blogs in your post. You can see an example of this from this article and this helps in ranking your post high.
6. Link From External Source: This is very important as this increases your site trust. When you get people to visit your site from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you build site trust. So when you post an article, don’t be lazy share to Facebook, Twitter and many other website.
There are plugins for wordpress that  does this with ease. And for bloggers just set up your RSS field to do this job. If you need help setting up your RSS field please CONTACT US for support.
These are few tips to writing good contents for your blog. try and follow these steps and improve your articles and also increase your presence in search engines. Truth be told, the web space is big enough to accommodate more blogs and website. You just have to fight for your space.

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