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Huawei is “Trustworthy” and “Reliable ” – Says a Canadian National Telecom

To the United States, Huawei is spurious. But to Telus, a Canadian national Telecom, Huawei is a “reliable” partner.

According to an internal memo, signed by Telus and published by The Globe and Mail, Telus described the Chinese tech company to be reliable and Trustworthy. Telus said:

“Huawei remains a viable and reliable participant in the Canadian telecommunications space, bolstered by globally leading innovation, comprehensive security measures, and new software upgrades.”

How Telus see Huawei is very much different from that of the United States. As for United States, Huawei is a threat to national security. In shot, United States has accused Huawei severally of working with the Chinese government to spy on other Countries. An allegation that until now we are still waiting for the United States to prove true.

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However, in the past few weeks, Huawei’s reputation has been dragged to the mold by an employee in Poland(now former employee). Following that incident in Poland, many Countries have resolved to place restrictions on Huawei products. Particularly its 5G network, citing matters of national security. The UK is also weighing its options.

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Huawei has denied all the allegations, saying there is zero evidence to support such claims. But now that Telus has so much confidence and trust in Huawei, will the Canadian telecommunications company use Huawei to build out its 5G network? What do you think? Please drop your opinion below in the comments section.

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