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New Survey Data: Bitcoin Gains 71% Popularity in United States

Bitcoin gains 71% popularity among the Americans.

According to a new survey by Yougov Omnibus, A vast majority (79%) of Americans are familiar with at least one kind of cryptocurrency.”

Yougov Omnibus findings has revealed that, “By far, the most well-known cryptocurrency among Americans is Bitcoin, with 71% of people saying they’ve heard of it. The next best-known is Ether/Ethereum, with 13% saying they have heard of it. Overall, men are more likely than women to have heard of almost every kind of cryptocurrency. About three in ten (27%) women say they have not heard of any cryptocurrency, compared to only 16% of men who chose the same answer.”

Further, Yougov Omnibus survey also revealed that even though 71% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin, but “87% have had no interaction with it, meaning they haven’t bought, sold, or mined it. About half (49%) in this group say ‘I’m glad I didn’t buy Bitcoin earlier, and I don’t plan to buy it,’ while 15% say ‘I wish I had bought Bitcoin earlier, but I feel like it’s too late now.’ About one in five (21%) people between 35 and 54 chose this response, while only 11% of people 55 and up did,” Yougov detailed.

Here Are Some Things You should know

1. 36% of Americans believe in cryptocurrency. By even thinking that cryptocurrencies will become widely accepted as a means of transaction for legal purchases within the next 10 years.

2. 44% believes that cryptocurrency will be widely accepted with time.

However not every Americans have faith in cryptocurrency, as there are still those who think cryptocurrencies are only used for illegal deals rather than legal ones.” Yougov stresses.”

Only 17% think they’re used more for legal purchases, and 19% think cryptocurrencies are equally used for legal and illegal purchases. Hispanic Americans are particularly likely to believe that cryptocurrencies are mostly used for legal purchases.”

As bitcoin gains 71% popularity among Americans, what do you think could be it’s future in the United States?

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