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Nigeria Bank Code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts In Your Bank Account

Sometimes we misplace our debit card and we are then prone to fraudulent activities. Someone might just be withdrawing our money while we watch and receive debit alerts. And sometimes it takes time before you can go to your bank and lay complaints. But what if there is an easier way to block all transactions immediately. We lets introduce you to a Nigeria Bank code to stop all fraudulent acts without stress.

To begin you have to understand that only persons with Actual Bank account can use this code. And also understand that the phone number to dial this code from have to be linked with/to the said Bank Account.

With that said lets get you to understanding how to easily block all unauthorized debit card transactions with a simple code.And how you can use that same code to block all possible transaction when you notice suspicious activities.

About Nigeria Bank Code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts(Zenith Bank)

Nigeria Banks makes use of the offline banking. Where you don’t have to be connected to the internet before you can do basic and advance banking operations. With these USSD Codes, you can easily perform banking operations from the comfort of your home.

You can transfer and receive money, pay bills, buy airtime etc. Well my best guess is you already know all the above. But what if i tell you that you can actually use same code to block all unauthorized transaction in your account. That will be cool right, lets get started to show you how you can do this.

How To Use Nigeria Bank code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts(Zenith Bank)

Quick Note: Please it is important that you understand that this process is only available to Zenith Bank Account holders only. This means that other Nigerian Banks are yet to activate theirs. Hopefully with time,they will join Zenith Bank.

To begin you have to dial the Zenith Bank USSD Banking code.

The Zenith Bank USSD Banking code is *966#. This code is use to perform all basic Zenith Bank Account operations.

Now to use this same code to stop all fraudulent acts just dial *966*911#. Zenith Bank will then send you a prompt requesting for your Bank Account details. Once you type in the Bank Account any debit card linked with/to that account will be blocked instantly. See picture below

Nigeria Bank Code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts

While most banks are yet to activate this, this is a sure way to help boost system security introduced by Zenith Bank. In my opinion, other banks should follow suite and activate something similar to help reduce the rate of debit card fraud.

Well now you know How To Use Nigeria Bank code To Stop All Fraudulent Acts. Like our article, you can also help share to reach more money. Information they say is power. Please use the social media button below to share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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