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NNU Referral: Understanding The NNU Referral Bonus

NNU Referral
One of the best ways to make more money from the NNU website is through NNU referral bonus. But most people don’t seem to understand how NNU referral bonus works. In this article we’ll try to explain how it works and how you can benefit more from NNU using its referral bonus.


The NNU referral is one time referral package. Aside from been a one time referral benefit, it is also a one stage referral. One stage in the sense that you get nothing if your referral refers someone. And you referral won’t get anything if his or her referral referred someone else and the circle continues.
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So when you invite someone using your referral link to join NNU, the person pay a one time fee of N1,600. NNU gives you N1,000 and we presume they hold the N600(we don’t actually know why but most likely to pay you at month end). Now when you referral refers someone he also earns like you above but his time nothing is given to you. It means that the tree stops when you got laid your referral bonus.


There are many ways to get NNU referrals and we’ll explore some few in this article
1. One on One Approach: This involve going to meet persons you know and encouraging them to join the platform. This usually word of mouth to convince others to join the platform using your referral link. It usually involves explaining in details how the platforms works. This method is more tedious but it’s more effective.
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2. Facebook Groups: You can write some well composed article and post it in an active group or forum. This will arouse the interest of members and ask you questions. Answering those questions will lead to registration of new members using your NNU referral link.
3. Promote NNU: If you are not shy about been linked with NNU then you should promote NNU for your followers. You can use NNU pictures as your WhatsApp display picture, post it in your Facebook wall and even tweet about it. This way people will ask you questions and you’ll answer them and might register some new users with your referral link.
Now you understand NNU referral bonus, how it works and you can possibly get some referrals bonus. You can try out the tips above and if you have more tips please don’t hesitate to share via your comment below.

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