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How Samsung Plan to Mimic iPhone XS Max, by Giving Note 10 Bigger Screen Siz

Samsung Note 10 is expected to be launched sometime next year, hopefully by the mid of the year 2019. While on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S11 is most likely to get launch early next year, at least sometime in the first quarter.

However, before the launch of the smartphone next year, here are some rumors we have so far about Samsung Note 10 or Samsung Galaxy S11.

Rumored Details of Samsung Note 10 or Galaxy S11

• According to a Leaked report, Samsung is considering removing the headphone jack from flagship devices, with the Note10 or Galaxy S11 supposed to be the first to follow in Apple’s footsteps (despite the fact that Samsung ruthlessly mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack).

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• A twitter user ice universe supposedly believed to be an insider, revealed the size of the Note 10 or S11 to have 6.66-inch display.Note 10

• With 6.66-inch display, the Note10 would therefore be bigger than than the 6.4-inch screen on the Note 9. But, more importantly, a 6.66-inch screen would be bigger than the iPhone XS Max’s 6.5-inch display.

Ice Universe went on to say that a bigger screen size doesn’t necessarily mean the Note 10 will have a bigger footprint than the Note 9. Instead, Samsung is expected to increase the height of the screen while reducing bezel size. The resulting screen would have a 19:9 or 19.5:9 aspect ratio, up from 18.5:9.

For now, all of this still remains speculation as there’s plenty of time for Samsung to decide on the Note 10’s final design.

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