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Persons That Are Always Affected By Cryptocurrency Price Crash

The cryptocurrency price crash is affecting everyone crypto users, enthusiasts, investors, investment platforms and even crypto haters. The crypto market of 2018 is quite the opposite of the crypto market of 2017. In 2017 crypto market experience a double rise in its market in just three weeks.

However the crypto market of 2018 has somewhat been slow but quite stable. While everyone was waiting for a bull run in the crypto market they have all been hit by a shocker the cryptocurrency price crash.

But it seems that everyone is affected by this recent trend. crypto users and non crypto users alike. In this article we’ll show you a summary of how everyone is affected. Some positively while others not quite positively.

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  1. Cryptocurrency Users
  2. Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  3. Cryptocurrency Investors
  4. Cryptocurrency Investment Platforms
  5. Cryptocurrency Critics
1. Cryptocurrency Users

This first set of persons are the ones affected by the recent cryptocurrency market saga. These persons might not necessary be investors. But they make use of cryptocurrency almost all the time. They buy, sell and even use it to make purchase. Well this recent twist have no meaning to these people as they only focus on the use of cryptocurrency. High or low they are just there to use cryptocurrency.

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2. Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Now these are the people that have special interest in cryptocurrency. They include experts who review and preview the market, make analysis and possible prediction. Some of the ego of these ones might have been hurt by the recent events. Some of the crypto expert have predicted bitcoin experiencing positive rise in price but well reveres is the case. All prediction so far have not been entirely correct(not entirely wrong either). We’ll put this group as the ones that the market affects but no in a positive way.

3. Cryptocurrency Investors

These ones are definitely smiling at the moment. For one thing they will be getting more cryptocurrency return from their various crypto investments. And now they can risk buying more cryptocurrency awaiting the time when the market rebounds. Should the cryptocurrency market rebounds(which is very likely possible) these sect will be smiling to the bank and might have increase their cryptocurrency portfolio.

4. Cryptocurrency Investment Platforms

In one of our Previous Articles we wrote about how this set of persons might feel about the recent trend. They are perhaps the ones affected the most by the cryptocurrency market crash saga. As they will have to make readjustments to meet up with payment of all its investors and stay in business.

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5. Cryptocurrency Critics

We are finally at the I Told You So group of persons. We know that not everyone accepts the use of cryptocurrency ans there have been ban in some countries. Now that the crypto market is down well they sure will say I Told You So and I warned You but you didn’t listen. They might not be delighted about the turn of events but they sure are not in support of the use of cryptocurrency.

To some the cryptocurrency price crash is a thing of joy, to others its not but still they others they don’t even care. Which group are you and how is the recent market trend affecting you. Tell us how you feel via your comment below.

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