Activating The Third Eye – 11 minutes meditation

Activating The Third Eye – 11 minutes meditation
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Activating the Third Eye

Are you stressed or searching for inner peace? Here is the new meditation guide on Activating the third eye in 11 minutes of meditation. Creating energy that will cleanse your body and soul.

Activating the third eye is designed to bring you peace of mind, and relaxation as you listen to the sound frequency. The sound healing Solfeggio frequencies and visualizations help bring the most relaxation and this guide is offering the best solfeggio sound.

You will also learn how your mind and body can be able to heal itself with your best state of mind and calibration. 11-minute meditation will aid you in releasing all negative energy and filling yourself with great love.

With the meditation assistance as you close your eyes, your body and mind will experience peace it’s as easy as a cinch.

This music guide on how to open your third eye fast will change your life and giving you positive energy that will support your daily living as you make it a routine.

It could fit anyone’s schedule as the meditation is short and strong, you have no worries having a busy schedule with relaxing results. Start enjoying more peace, positive energies and tranquility in your life now.


This guide is a combination of:

1. Sound Healing

2. Meditation

3. Cleansing Visualizations

4. Ho’oponopono

5. The Third Eye Activation


Meditation benefits:

1. It helps in reducing stress

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2. Aids in the increase of your well-being

3. Increasing the sense of empathy and connection

4. Improves focus/ attention

5. Strengthens relationship

6. Creativity skills

7. Improves memory

8. Ability to make decisions

9. Assist in overcoming addictions

10. Improves cardiovascular health

11. Helps you to find flow

12. Reduces physical pain and emotional pain

13. Enlightenment

14. Generates kindness

Here is how the music guide works:

A. After purchasing and downloading the 11 minutes of the pure energy cleansing guide sound of healing meditation music file in ( mp3 format)

B. Then you start listening to the meditation track everyday either on your computer or your mp3 player.

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C. All you have to do is follow the guide meditation and let the music do its job.

D. That’s all.


As an energy cleansing tool in your spiritual utility box

1. It is easy to follow for all ages.

2. The visualization is effective in clearing negative energy.

3. The Ho’oponpono ancient Hawaiian healing technique as an incredible tool for clearing negative thoughts.

4. Chakra is tuned and each body energy wheel to metaphysical frequency through the act of meditation.

5. Getting perfect cymatics geometrics with the ancient solfeggio frequency.


The Ancient Solfeggio frequencies you will learn:

A. You will learn the frequencies that were used long ago in the Gregorian chants and in their hymns which were coded in the bible.

B.  The spiritual awakening, the healing process and how it was used in connecting to God.

C. Mastering the seven frequencies of your main body chakras.


The chakra body frequencies as follows:

1. 396Hz – The root chakra

2. 417Hz – The sacral chakra

3. 528Hz – The solar plexus

4. 639Hz – The heart chakra

5. 741Hz – The throat chakra

6. 852Hz – The third eye

7. 963Hz – Tthe crown chakra


The solfeggio frequencies have no risk, it assists in healing and I recommend it to anyone undergoing any treatment or recovery process.

The meditation process doubles as you get to understand the lesson of your seven body chakras and getting familiar with them, it helps in keeping them clean.

As you listen to them you will feel total peace in your body and it will help with any pain in your body too.

The solfeggio frequencies characteristics:

1. UT- 396Hz – Setting free guilt and transforming it into forgiveness, fear into joy.

2. RE – 417Hz – It helps clear negativity and facilitates change

3. MI – 528Hz – Aid in stimulating love, transformation, and DNA repairs

4. FA – 639Hz – Relationships healing and connecting with family

5. SOL – 741Hz – The awakening intuition/The physical cleansing of all types of body toxic

6. LA – 852Hz – Assist in the returning to spiritual  order/ spiritual balance

This was taken out of the saint john the baptist hymn from the first stanza:

Ut queant laxis

Resonare fibris

Mira gestorum

Famuli tuorum

Solve polluti

Labii reatum

Sancte lohannes


Why choose the 11-minute music guide

1. The meditation time and length has an effect on the body.

2. The pituitary gland and nerves at 11 minutes start learning and changing.

3. The perfect timing for reprogramming the brain and releasing negative energy from your body and mind than filling it with love.

4. Get ready and reprogram your mind and clear your energy fields.


What you will learn in Ho’oponopono:

1. The ancient practice of healing reconciliation and forgiveness.

2.  The meditation prayer from Morrnah Simeona.

3. The Dr. Hew Len book, Zero limits; The secret Hawaiian system for wealth, peace, and many more.

4. How Dr. Hew Len use Ho’oponopono in healing the entire mentally ill patients.

5. Learn how you can use this healing prayer in your meditation.

6. Learning your chakras in activating your pituitary gland and activating it.

7. And also sound healing, with a guided meditation, affirmations, and the Ho’oponopono.

It is time to relax and see how you can activate your third eye fast, reprogramming your brain with love and music. The relation is safe and the cost is less and satisfying.


In awakening the third eye you will also learn:

A. How to cultivate silence

B. Hone your intuition

C. Learn to nurture your creativity

D. Grounding yourself to better soar


You will learn how to activate the third eye chakra by practicing:

1. Breathing

2. Adding third eye color

3. Practicing the third eye meditation

4. Dream it

5. Learn to work your theta brainwaves

6. Adding some scent

7. Eating fruits and veggies

8. Third eye yoga


Questions and Answers (Q&A)


How do you meditate with your third eye?

In a quiet and comfortable place and with the help of this guide you will be able to meditate with your third eye.


What does meditation do to the human body?

It aids in the relaxation of your mind and gives your inner peace with the fast improvement of heart rate, breathing, brain waves and a lot more.


What does awakening the Third Eye do?

It uplifts your spirit, giving you the ability for you to be able to transcend using our five human senses to feel and see the unseen.


How long does it take for meditation to be effective?

With the support of this guide, it will take you only weeks.


What are the signs of third eye opening?

1. It could be headaches

2. Increased foresight

3. Gradual change

4. Light sensitivity

5. A dull sensation


What meditation does to the brain?

1. Preserve the aging brain

2. Reduces activity in the brain

3. Changes in key areas of the brain

4. Reduces anxiety

5. Reduces social anxiety

6. Can help with addiction

7. Decision making

8. Less pain


Is my third eye open?

When your third eye is open you will experience open-mindedness, clear sight, intellectual balance and a lot more.


Do I have a third eye?

yes everybody does and this guide will help in activating your third eye.


How do you meditate at home?

1. Sit or lay down

2. Shut your eyes

3. Breath

4. Focus on inhalation and exhalation

How can I focus my third eye?

By emptying your mind


How do you meditate in bed?

1. If you are comfortable in  bed

2. Take five deep breath

3. Breathe through the nose and out the mouth

4. Become aware of your surrounding

5. Try to take control of your body and feel it

6. Feel the rising and falling of your breathing sensation

7. Watch your breathing for a minute or two.

8. Focus and think back through the day

9. Now focus on your body

10. Do the same thing to your toe through your hip, foot, heel, ankle, pelvic area, leg, arch, lower leg and so on.

11. Continue on torso down to your arms, neck, hands, and fingers through the throat, face, and head

12.  As you control your mind get full control till your drift and sleep off.

Is it good to open the third eye?

When you are ready, this guide will assist you to the right path.


How do you cleanse your pineal gland?

You will get everything you need to know in this guide


How long should a beginner meditate?

The 11-minute meditation guide is for anyone


Is it OK to meditate at night?

Although it is best to meditate before your day starts you can also meditation before going to bed


Does meditating make you smarter?

It makes your brain younger and sharp



Summary: Activating the third eye

As you purchase the music guide on activating the third eye with 11-minute meditation you will experience a calm spiritual upliftment. If you need relaxation and inner peace with the powerful solfeggio you can achieve that.

With this guide aid, you will be able to eliminate all negative energies in all of your body and absorb positive energy. Learning the Ho’oponopono will assist you in healing and reconciliation.

Knowing your chakras body frequencies and getting familiar with them as easy as a cinch you will feel total peace and the following of positive energy.

The combination of this guide is rich and a life-changing opportunity for you to start enjoy more peace, joy, good health, healing, tranquility in your life and many more.

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