How to draw Manga Characters – 3D drawing methods & 30+ techniques

How to draw Manga Characters – 3D drawing methods & 30+ techniques
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How To Draw Manga Characters

Having issues trying to make a manga character? Here is an amazing book on how to draw manga characters using 3D methods and 30+ astonishing techniques to help you build your confidence in manga art.

Many people find it hard to draw manga characters and I know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t make any sense and you just lose the identity of the character.

If you are a manga fan and always wanted to create a manga character, then you should check out how to draw manga characters by mad about manga. Discover a whole new world of manga comics and start making your own manga cover stories.

As an aspiring manga artist, this book will help you control the exact facial expressions, emotions and body movement for your manga. With the help of this book, you will be able to access an unlimited number of positions made easily by mad about manga.

How to draw interesting manga characters

This book has been designed to assist you to overcome any challenges in manga drawing and teach you how to create an impressive manga without any experience.

This book on how to draw manga characters is available for instant download, which means with a period of five minutes you will be able to download the book.

Becoming a master of manga art you need to learn and follow the techniques in that way you will be creating incredible, and fabulous manga characters.

Although the manga is complicated but with great practice by learning the building block techniques you will be able to control your character.


manga transformation
manga transformation

Mad about manga book on how to draw manga characters, will show you simple tips on transforming characters into a manga action character. You will never need to worry about your manga head and faces ever again.

The course will teach you how to acquire balance and get the exact facial features of your manga character. learn how to draw manga female and male characters, giving it great eyes, ears, mouth, nose giving you complete control over your manga personalities.

How to draw manga eyes secrets

In how to draw manga characters book you will discover a lot of secrets in drawing your manga character with the exact emotion that you want it to portray.

The eight crucial elements that play an important role in the creating of manga emotion and mood will be discussed in this book.

How you can make an angry villain and innocent child with just having to adjust your lines slightly. Check out different manga eyes.

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manga eyes
manga eyes


As you follow each of the steps giving to you, the issue of controlling your manga emotion won’t be an issue anymore. In this book, you will be shown how to draw a huge range in your manga eyes using the great techniques discussed in this book.

In this book, you will uncover the four types of manga eyes and learn step by step the 20 examples of manga eyes.


How to draw different manga hairstyles

Hair plays a great part in your manga character and it is drawn in different ways. This book will guide you in drawing male and female hairstyles for your manga characters, from a princess, to a super-deformed character or from a fantasy hero to a samurai.


manga hairstyles
manga hairstyles


After following the techniques in this guide you will be able to draw fluently and create any character you want. With the help of using the 3D methods, your characters, the male and the female will have different body shapes.

In no time you will be creating captivating manga cover stories and lots of characters in attacking position, running, punching, leaping, crawling and a lot more.


How to draw manga weapons

As you enter the next level of this guide and keep following the techniques step by step, you will be able to create more manga characters. Now you have overcome the basic challenges and it’s about time you start creating incredible weapons for your manga characters.



manga weapons
manga weapons



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This unique guide helps you add more personalities to your manga character. In this book, you will learn drawing techniques in weaponry creation, so you can create incredible weapons like eye-catching manga weapon above.


How to write your own manga script

This book will not only teach you how to draw manga characters but also it will assist you in creating and producing your own professional manga characters. Mad about manga will also train you in cartoon strip creation, this is an all in one package.

The techniques in this book are amazing, they will teach you how to create faced paced manga that people will love and very captivating manga characters.


manga cartoon strip
manga cartoon strip


What you will learn in a cartoon strip:

  • Learn the essential manga text to ensure it is punchy and captivating
  • Produce professional manga stories by using the three drafting technique
  • How to use the different type of words ballon easy
  • The different vital rules for the layout of characters and creating different dialogue people will enjoy
  • Main three comic components and make manga character very entertaining
  • Learn how to connect with readers
  • Follow the checklist to ensure that you don’t create a boring or confusing manga
  • How to make symbols to create rich scenes full of meaning


How to draw to manga characters packages

  • Learn how to draw complex 3D manga characters very easy
  • How to use bubbles speech to give life to your manga characters
  • Learn the correct way you can draw manga eyes, hair, heads, hand and ears
  • Different body shapes of your male and female manga characters
  • Learn a different way to draw any position you desire
  • Learn an incredible way you can transform your sketches to a very striking manga character with inking method
  • Find ways to connect with people through manga and keep them entertained
  • How to add more personality to your manga character by creating weapons
  • Create different manga characters with diverse manga strips
  • Discover how you can draw emotions with different facial features
  • Develop writing fast-paced and dynamic manga stories
  • Use shading techniques in developing and creating depths with your characters
  • Learn useful techniques in creating gender, age, and a variety of characters
  • Learn how you can construct manga and understanding the building blocks theory in drawing your manga professionally.


What makes the manga course so exciting

Although learning how to draw manga can be challenging, especially the hair, eyes, body positions, hands, etc. So this course will be very helpful as you gradually learn and follow the techniques.

This course has every step from drawing basic lines and circles to creating very detailed eyes and facial features into creating high-quality manga.

This course benefits also includes how you can develop manga characters into a complete manga story.

This book will also show you how you can bring your manga character to life, making amusing manga, giving them certain emotions and captivating your readers, I haven’t come across any full manga package like this.

Free Bonus creating chibi characters

In this free bonus, I will teach you the step by step diagrammatical way of creating the chibi manga character. The chibi characters are also known as the super-deformed and are used in the manga.

By following the steps and the seven (7) stages of creating the chibi manga characters and other exciting manga characters.

You will also learn the techniques of positioning and balancing the head and the body and the eyes, hands with other facial expressions, so you will be fully equipped in creating your own chibi character.


How the course is delivered

This course can be downloaded instantly after full purchase, this way you can learn immediately after downloading. So there is nothing stopping you from creating your very own manga now.


Reasons to buy this course now

  1. Following the techniques saves you more time and energy and helps you start creating your own manga within days.
  2. With the instant download, you will gain access to start learning the manga and start producing amazing manga characters
  3. Hundreds have followed this guide and techniques within a short period of time, and have started creating amazing characters.


Summary: How To Draw Manga Characters

If you are very serious in learning how to draw manga characters with these 30+ astonishing techniques, you will be able to produce mind-blowing manga like a professional cartoonist. As an aspiring manga artist, you will discover how you can create an incredible facial expression.

This guide will also assist you in giving your manga an interesting and captivating look. You will learn how to create your own manga script if you are a manga enthusiast, you may want to put in more seriousness in learning and with that, you will advance in creating your own manga story.

There is a lot of free bonus after purchasing this course such as; how to create chibi manga characters or the super-deformed manga character.

I think this is a great opportunity for you to grab this knowledge now and start producing amazing works with 3D technique methods.

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