How To Start a Business In Malaysia, Open A Restaurant In Malaysia

How To Start a Business In Malaysia, Open A Restaurant In Malaysia
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How To Start a Business In Malaysia


How To Start a Business In Malaysia will teach you more than you thought you know, and on How To Open A Restaurant In Malaysia, the easy way, stress-free, no regrets later.

Running a business in the Asian Nation without knowing the Does and Don’t or getting all the licenses could cost you Tons of thousands of money (after you get sued).

So, in this package, you are going to learn a lot about yourself, Malaysia, and how businesses are run in Malaysia.

And here’s just a Tip of the iceberg, what you will find in your ebook/package.

Guide on how to form a company in Malaysia so you can own your own Business.

Learn strategies to open your restaurant properly on the first day.

List of licenses needed to open your restaurant legally

Knowing the best location for your Restaurant.

Pricing your menu accurately an profitably.

Preparing for a smooth opening.

and so much more.


Starting a restaurant seems lucrative because generally, people love to eat and eat out a lot. Asians are lucky because they can afford to have breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner, and supper without knowing how to cook and without spending lots of money too.

how to start a business in malaysia

Search, Review and Hire Employees

Eating out is part of Malaysian or generally Asian culture that’s why there are tons of restaurants, bistros, cafes etc in all corners of Asian countries.

You literally don’t need to be a chef before you can open a restaurant, in fact, most restaurant owners cannot even prepare a  meal. The owners are either politicians, actors, singers, models, retirees, housewives, businessmen etc who love food.

Yes, anyone can open a restaurant but it takes a hardworking, disciplined and dedicated entrepreneur to open and operate a successful restaurant.

Opening a restaurant should be easy, the most important thing is to concentrate more on important things such as running, managing, and making the restaurant into a successful one.

how to start a business in malaysia

Some people’s first involvement in opening a restaurant gave them a nerve-wracking experience. They raced with time to finish the renovation, to install the Point of Sales system, to purchase the required equipment, to get reliable suppliers, and to employ staff.

The one that gave them the test of patience was to obtain the required licenses.

At the end of the day, they found out that having a registered company with a valid business license was not even enough. And they only found out after they’ve opened their restaurant that they couldn’t put up a signboard because they needed a signboard license.

They also found out that they are not allowed to play any music in the restaurant except they have licenses from Recording Artists Association. They also found out that they needed to apply for Liquor License and many more.

Most restaurant owners even found out that before they can hire a foreign worker, they had to increase the Paid Up Capital of their companies. And they wished they had registered their companies with higher Paid Up Capital if they knew there was a minimum Paid Up capital for hiring foreign workers thus saving their time and money to do Amendments on the Company Article of Association.

This book was written to help people planning to open a restaurant in Malaysia so that they won’t encounter difficulties. And after reading this book, you will be able to open your own restaurant easily, quickly, and economically.

This is a comprehensive guide that will help you plan your finances, obtain the necessary licenses, and open your restaurant in Malaysia in 8 weeks.

If you want to open a restaurant and don’t know

1. How to start?

2. How much you will need?

Create a Recruitson Profile

3. Where to open?

4. What are the requirements?

5. Where to get the suppliers

6. The legalities of foreign ownership?

Don’t worry, this ebook will answer all your questions.

This book is not like other guide books that offer general guidelines on WHAT TO DO to open a restaurant. This ebook will show you

A. How to form a company

B. How to plan your finances

C. How to get equipment

D. How to apply for licenses


how to start a business in malaysia

This book helps you save time.

It helps you save money by telling you how to get suppliers to give you equipments worth thousands of money without even paying a dime.

The guide saves you from insanity on figuring out what licenses to apply and when to submit the applications and also helps you avoid being closed down for not having the proper licenses.

It will help you manage your finances by making a simple business plan, calculating your cost correctly and pricing your menus appropriately.

Do you know that

1. You can be finned by playing music in your restaurants? Avoid this

2. Your restaurant may not be allowed to employ foreigners?

3. You don’t need to pay a dime to get chillers, freezers, mugs, and cups?


This detailed ebook will make you more confident in opening the door of your restaurant for the first time because you will be completely ready.

With the insights from this book, you can relax, and concentrate on more important things for your big day.

This ebook contains 160 pages and here are some things you will find in the book.

1. A comprehensive guide on how to form a company in Malaysia so you can easily own your business.

2. How to pick the best location for your restaurant.

3. A detailed guide to making a simple business plan that will show you how much capital you will need and change the plan into a profitable restaurant.

4. How to get freezers, chillers, glasses, and many more at no cost.

5. How to price your menu accurately and profitably

6. How to buy your equipment, furniture, and cutleries cheaper than the normal price.

7. List of licenses needed to open your restaurant legally.

8. How to prepare for a smooth opening day.

how to start a business in malaysia

Planning the most important thing to do in opening your restaurant. Ensure you plan your location properly in order to avoid being closed down by the government.



First impression is very important, especially in the restaurant business. That’s why it is important to get everything ready before opening your restaurant door for the first time. And you don’t always get a second chance to make the first impression.

You should only open your restaurant when you are ready, not half-ready, not almost ready. make sure your kitchen and floor operation is well ready to serve a full house on the first day of opening.

When you open a restaurant, curious foodies will come and try to know if the food is delicious, how they are been served, etc. You have to impress them.

Don’t fail to impress your customers on the first try because once a customer leaves your restaurant dissatisfied on the first day, he/she will never return to your restaurant and will start bad advertising your business.


Bonus: The Ultimate Supplier Lists

Bunus - how to start a business in malaysis

When you buy this ebook, you will get this comprehensive ebook on suppliers for hundreds of products ( beef, cutleries, cheese, sauces, vegetables, poultry, and many more) in Kuala Lumpur.


how to start a business in malaysia

There’s an option for you, you can either skim from one site to another on the internet gathering pieces of information on getting your business started in the Asian Nation, or you settle down for this course.



Conclusion: How To Start A Business in Malaysia

With this ebook, learning how to start a business in Malaysia will be easier and less stressful. This comprehensive ebook gives you details of where to get the required licenses for your restaurant, get equipment and lots more fast and easy.


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