Learning How to Sketch with 97 pages, 60+ illustrations

Learning How to Sketch with 97 pages, 60+ illustrations
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Learning How To Sketch

Are you looking for the perfect way of learning how to sketch? Search no further, here is a complete eBook guide with 97 pages of “learning how to sketch” which is put together as one. Growing up I thought you only possess drawing skills naturally, but now I have come to realize anyone can be an artist by drawing step by step following this book guide.

If you have a strong passion for drawing, with the help of this guide I bet you with consistent practice and faith you will experience happiness as you watch yourself improve and produce great sketches.

This guide on learning how to sketch is a onetime investment, this book gathers essential information, tips on how to draw step by step and saving you from hours of trawling through different books. It has all the basics things you need to know in drawing and sketching making it unique.

You don’t need to be born with drawing skills or special knowledge to know how to sketch, just take up sketching as part of your hobby.

According to Charles Hawthorne “A sketch has charm because of its truth not because it is unfinished”. A sketch is beautiful especially when you are able to interpret the way you feel and see things.

The book on learning how to sketch guide is a unique book, with 60+ illustrations to copy and study. This book has been complied with years and years of great tips and tricks to create one guide.

It has illustrations to guide you in achieving the result of your sketch as Thomas Merton said that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


The reason why you should get this book

1. This book guides you with principles that will help you in learning how to sketch intelligently.

2. It gives you clear directions on how to sketch.

3. It helps you produce what you visualize making it a reality.


How does learning how to sketch benefits you:

1. It’s therapeutic.

2. All you need is a pencil and paper.

3. It is very fulfilling.

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4. You can sketch at any place and anytime.

5. It is an interesting hobby.

6. You can meet new friends in sketching clubs.

7. You can even sell your artwork if you choose to.

8. It is a great way of improving your skills.

9. It helps in the development of different areas of the brain.

10. Improves the development of hand-eye coordination.

11. Sketching improves your holistic health.

12. It helps you relax.

13. It helps you find another way to communicate with the audience.

14. It is a self-esteem booster.

15. Helps increase emotional intelligence


In learning how to sketch guide you will be shown:

A. How to use directions strokes to follow different objects.

B. Get tips and tricks that will assist you with a good head start.

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C. You will be shown how to arrange strokes for effect.

D. How to use strokes to illustrate surface.


All you have to do is concentrate, practice and follow the guide. This book introduces you to a whole new hobby that is very addictive. Let drawing make you happy and only in that way you will be able to progress in your learning.


What this book will teach you:

Chapter 1: Sketching with pencil

sketching with pencil
sketching with pencil

This guide will assist you in pencil sketching, you don’t need to worry or start thinking of what you are going to use. You will learn how to grip your pencil, a lot of pencil sketching skills and how to draw step by step.

Chapter 2: materials

material for sketching
material for sketching

A brief explanation of the materials required to start your sketching. A sketchbook which is of the important things a person who wants to learn how to sketch should have, a variety of erasers, tortillions, pencil sharpener and so many others that will be explained in this book.

Chapter 3: applying the pencil

Applying pencil
Applying pencil

Here you will learn the differences between drawings and sketching although is sometimes blurred but the exercise on how to limber up and get ready will be discussed too.

Chapter 4: Quality of pencil strokes

quality of pencil stroke
quality of pencil stroke

You will be shown different tactics that will help you get the best looking sketches in no time.


Chapter 5: Direction of strokes

direction of pencil strokes
direction of pencil strokes

In this chapter, the easiest way you can put down a sketch by taking small steps will be discussed. Pencil stroke is like a replicate hair length and direction. It determines how dark and a light pencil line should be, which will be discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Character of strokes

character of strokes
character of strokes

what you have learned in the last chapter will help you create and discover more interest in your sketches.

Chapter 7: Grouping of strokes

grouping of strokes
grouping of strokes

In this chapter, you will be able to get great ideas to further enhance your sketches then revealing different indicators that will guide you. This will help in the repositioning, selection, re-scaling, with other transformation which you can apply to multiple objects of drawing. You will also learn in this chapter that grouping strokes don’t flatten your object.

Chapter 8: Measure with a pencil

Measure with a pencil
Measure with a pencil

In measuring with a pencil, you will be able to develop a technique that will be part of you for all your life and once you master this tip, then your sketch will always be true.

Chapter 9: Sketching buildings

sketching buildings
sketching buildings

This chapter gives you ideas on what you can easily sketch as a beginner.

sketching buildings empower and assist you in tackling sketching.


Chapter 10: Sketching foliage


sketching foliage
sketching foliage

This chapter discusses how you can recreate nature on paper with this book’s guidelines and illustrations. This is a very good chapter that discusses and shows how you can actually learn how to draw foliage. which helps you get close to nature and feel its beauty.

Chapter 11: Sketching animals


sketching animal
sketching animal

It gives you the easiest tips and tricks for sketching animals. This chapter is all about sketching animals, and for animal lovers, you will be so thrilled to take up this as a hobby. Drawing your animal and seeing how beautiful they are, I think is life-changing.


Chapter 12: Sketching the figure

sketching the figure
sketching the figure

This chapter discusses how you can reduce a complicated subject to its uncomplicated form. Starting your sketch with lines, horizontally or vertically or a circle form and with the assistance of the guide you will be able to get it right.

Chapter 13: Light, shade, and shadows

Light, shade, and shadows
Light, shade, and shadows

In this chapter you will learn how reaching into the important aspects of lights and shade, helps you work into your creations

Chapter 14: sketching exercises

Sketching exercises
Sketching exercises


This chapter is all about how fun and easy exercises which help introduce more speed into your work and having amazing results. The doodling exercise helps in creating a simple shape, Entopic graphomania exercise, non-dominant hand etcetera.


Other bonuses that this book offers are:


1. Tips on How to make a sketchbook

For those who don’t have a sketchbook, you can easily make one from something around your home. This book provides you with a lot of ideas and processes you can follow step by step to create a wonderful sketchbook.


2. Drawing and sketching tips

This book has a collection of favorite and helpful tips that will assist you in drawing and sketching.


3. Illustrations to copy and study

How to sketch guide has more than 60 drawings and sketches from different artists past and present. These images of sketches are a great way to practice as you copy and learn from them. I think it is a very good idea and very resourceful.


4. How to draw step by step

This book is for the young and old where they can use step by step to practice. The step by step drawing guide is about 73 pages. The more you practice, the more your strength in the drawing becomes stronger. when ideas start coming in, make sure you put it down the paper as quickly as you can.



Why chose an eBook?

1. This book is in an eBook format only you are not purchasing a physical book.

2. It is an electronic book that’s why it is called an eBook

3. There is no need for packaging it is instant delivery.

4. It is tidy, nice and sits inside your computer.

5. After purchase, you can download it and start using it.

6. No need for paying for shipping.


Summary: learning how to sketch

Learning how to sketch step by step has been made easy with the help of this guide. This guide assists in giving you a foundation to build you in becoming a sketch artist.

Giving you simple directions on sketching, this book contains not less than 97 pages of learning how to sketch guide, you will see yourself improving and making great sketches. With this guide and a desire to learn, your dreams in the journey of becoming a sketch artist will be accomplished.

This eBook is packaged with lots of bonuses and 60+ illustrations to copy and study. Believe me, after using the guide you will be glad you stumbled on this article. who knows, you may start selling your own sketch on eBay.


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