Life After Retirement – Fun & Creative Retirement Planning (Ebook + 4 Bonus Guides)

Life After Retirement – Fun & Creative Retirement Planning (Ebook + 4 Bonus Guides)
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Life After Retirement


People think life after retirement is boring, lonely, loss of money, health care challenges, etc. But that idea can be changed when you prepare your mind, body, and spirit of everyday life after you retire with these Ebooks.

Some people don’t like talking about retirement and they don’t plan. Retirement must happen whether you like it or not and it can happen to you, so why don’t you start preparing now with this simple guide.

Actually, they are a few people out there that just believe retirement will take care of itself when it comes, with the help of this guide you will find exclusive clubs, company, important and relevant things you should put in place before retirement.

When you start seeing retirement as some kind of destination, you fill your thought with fear rather than excitement.

Retirement is a journey and not a finish line or the end of the road. Life itself is a journey from kindergarten, pre-school, junior high, high school, college, full-time job until the present, this is the right time for retirement plans, earlier the better.

When you retire your life continues to evolve, try new things, travel to places, be happy, and I assure you, this guide will change your life for the best.



life after retirement
life after retirement



Things to do when retired and bored


life after retirement

In this guide, you will learn life after retirement lifestyle and you will never be bored. Here are amazing things you can do for fun when you retire;

1. You can visit places

Search, Review and Hire Employees

2. Volunteer work

3. Take up a hobby

4. Join book club

5. Gardening

6. Play golf

7. Camp

7. Make friends

8. Teach

9. Community service

10. Babysit

11. Become a mentor

12. Read

13. Start written a book

14. Start a blog

15. Take up a piano lesson

Create a Recruitson Profile

16. Fitness class

17. Learn yoga

18. Attend events

19. Play board games

20. Create a bucket list

21. You can start a business

22. Declutter/cleaning

23. Support a cause

24. Take up art classes

25. Tackle challenges

26. Visit museums

27. Play tennis

28. Engage in long walks

29. Play card games with friends

30. Ride a bicycle

31. Knit clothes

32. Become a tour guide

33. Photography

34. Learn a new language

35. Political campaigns

36. Local service

37. Join group discussion

38. Listen to music

39. Go fishing

40. Create a performance

41. Make your own wine

42. Play bingo

43. Write a play

44. Learn calligraphy

45. Visit people

46. Learn how to sew

47. Ballroom classes

48. Decorator

49. Learn more cooking skills

50. Bake cookies

51. Attend sport event

52. Write an autobiography

53. Write poetry

54. Research

55. Learn crafts

56. Have a flea market booth

57. Investment club

58. Movies tasting wine parties

59. Theatre

60. Learn instruments

And many more!


Learn the secret to a happy retirement


life after retirement


In this guide, you will learn the important secret to a happy retirement;

i. Don’t ignore your finances

ii. Don’t conclude it is all about money

iii. Staying healthy

iv. Finding your purpose

v. Giving back

vi. Staying social

vii. Think before relocating

And many more!


Bonus guides and workshop video


life after retirement

Get all bonus guide with workshop video it is a one-time investment. Everyone thinks retirement dread is the health care costs, running out of money, how much you need to save, the right asset allocation, although they are important it can’t be compared to when you are running out of family, friends and good health.

See retirement as a phase of life, when you have to prepare your, mind, body and spirit to enjoy an everyday lifestyle in retirement.


life after retirement

With the help of Naked Retirement Book and Workshop video you will;

A. Enjoy every piece of your retirement life

B. Make your retirement life very meaningful

C. Steer clear of the dark part of retirement

D. Embrace the wellness habits for your mind, body, and spirit

E. Make important conversation and strengthen your relationship with family and friends

F. Enjoy and make your time filled with meaningful things


Added Bonus;


1. How to find passion in retirement


life after retirement



People who have worked for very long hours can find it hard to uncover their passion in retirement. In the guide, you will discover a formula that is easy and profound.

As long as you follow the three simple steps within a few minutes, you will not only transform your retirement life but also make a positive change and influence others around you.

Retirement is a journey and it changes in different ways, you can make extra money with your passion or hobbies. As you read this guide, you will see the essential need of investment and different entrepreneurship plans to consider.

Starting a business in retirement age is very interesting, different, fun, valuable and engaging.


2. Seven retirements questions you’re afraid to ask


life after retirement

Retirement is not all that perfect, there are some unanswered questions and personal questions, anxiety. With the support of this guide, you will examine all topics like; divorce, coping with adult children, retirement timing, beneficiary designations and a lot more.


3. The truth about part-time work and volunteering in retirement


life after retirement

These two jobs are the major and most popular thing done by retirees. This can also help fill your retirement time, financially aid others, but retirees can find themselves frustrated in this job market.

As a result of this frustration, a retiree can even regret their retirement decision that’s why am recommending this guide for you to help you make a successful transition.


4. Eight wall street words every retiree needs to know


life after retirement

Feel free to use the eight wall street words and the concepts in making the most of your life savings. With relevant topics and questions that will be discussed in this guide, you will be in a better position to make great choices.

Whether you are just retiring or about to come up with the horizon, also feel free to use the eight walls street words, it will help you steer clear of potential fraud and bad investment advice.

The one-hour workshop with a lot of real-life examples will guide you through the naked retirement book and worksheets.


Why do some people retire better than others


life after retirement

1. They spent time and the money to take good care of themselves not just only their money

2.  Now they realize retirement benefits that not everyone get to experience it

3. They understand retirement takes time, practice and energy to have a smooth transition

4. And also they realize that work is what they do and not who they are


Questions And Answers (Q&A)


How do I plan my retirement life?

This amazing book will guide you to the right path.


How do you spend your retired life?

When you make a retirement plan, there are a lot of ways to spend your retirement life.

1. Learn crafts

2. Have a flea market booth

3. Investment club

4. Movies tasting wine parties

5. Theatre

6. Learn instruments

7. Take vacation

8. Make friends

9. volunteer work

And many more!


What are the best jobs for retirees?

1. Babysitter

2. Consultant

3. Pet sitter

4. Housesitter

5. Substitute teacher

6. Caretaker

7. Freelance writer

And a lot more!


How do you stay healthy after retirement?

1. Good physical exercise

2. Mental exercise

3. Yoga

4. Watching TV

5. Creativity

6. Talk to friends

7. Eating healthy

8. Making your health a priority

9. Sense of purpose

And many more!


Why is it important to plan for your retirement?

It is important because;

1. It determines your retirement lifestyle

2. Identifies the sources of your income and expenses

3. Your retirement budget is base on your personal plan


What are the steps to retirement income planning?

1. Comparing and identifying your income/expenses that determine shortfalls

2. Analyzing and reviewing different retirement income strategies

3. Comparing and reviewing retirement income with available options

4. Developing action plans


What is the purpose of a retirement plan?

So a retiree will have a reasonable and good lifestyle once they retire.


How can I be happy in retirement?

With the 4+ bonuses that consist of;

A. How to find your passion in retirement

B. Seven retirement questions you are afraid to ask

C. The truth about part-time and volunteering in retirement

D. Eight wall street words every retiree needs to know

You will find happiness in your retirement life.


How do I manage my time in retirement?

1. Make a schedule

2. Make a bucket list

3. Make time your priority


What can I do after retirement to make money?

1. You can market your skills

2. Use your hobbies to make money

3. Sell some of your furniture or other stuff

4. Become a consultant

And a lot more!



Summary: Life After Retirement

With this awesome guide “life after retirement”, 4+ bonus guides, you can live the best retirement lifestyle and be happy doing what you love. There are no two ways about this if you start planning now the better.

The new daily routine in this guide will support your retirement plan, so you don’t get bored. Once you have created room to study this guide, then your pursuit of happiness will be fulfilled.

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