Niche Website Templates – Mighty Minisite Template 3+Bonuses

Niche Website Templates – Mighty Minisite Template 3+Bonuses
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Niche Website Templates

There are so many niche website templates but the mighty minisite template gives you all that you need and takes your online branding to another level.

This mini-site template is different from any other templates you’ve must have come across with. It is made to provide you with a professionalism look combined with a powerful corporate presence.

This template is easy to use and also includes some of the best ways to highlight content on your website.

Mighty Minisite templates provide you with options that you can use to change your template might if you don’t want it to look like others. The options are two different layout styles that come in two different colors.

Many individuals are tired of the typical header-footer minisite design, they don’t even trust it anymore.

This template was created to give you that “dependable” look and gain the immediate trust of your site visitors.


Things to get when you use this template

This template was created specially to take your online branding to another level. It is a template product that is easy to use, has SEO friendliness and clean code.

A major part of this template is done by applying easy to use and modify CSS formating.

With Sleek CSS coding, you will get benefits like a light-weight website because there is no need for you to use HTML codes such as <table>, <font>, and <img> to style your sales letter.

This template have some of the best methods to highlight content on your website. Check out how easy it is to show a list, create a boxed content, display headlines and much more.

1. Strong bold logo

2. Clear website name and description

3. Top menu navigation (can be removed)

4. Graphical headline

Search, Review and Hire Employees

5. Sidebar area

6. Sub-headline, with Cufon text replacement (<h3>)

7. Use sidebar for testimonials or other content

8. Ready opt-in box (can be removed)

9. Easy CSS green checked listing (<ul class= “yes”>)
10. Sub-headline, with Cufon text replacement (<h2>)
11. Easy CSS highlighted content area (<blockquote>)
12. Easy CSS Johnson box for bonuses or product modules info (<div class=”module”>)
13. Easy CSS red cross listing (<ul class=”no”>)
14. Comes with matching order button with credit card logos
15. Footer content area for infos such as disclaimer and legal
16. Footer menu (can be removed)
You will basically have everything you need to create a professional and corporate look mini-site with this template.

The options you will get when you purchase this template

1. Two Different Layouts Styles – With or Without Sidebar

At times marketers need a simple top-to-bottom layout without any distraction. This mini-site design is available without the sidebar.

You can even toggle between the two easily by simply applying the “full” class to <body> e.g. <body class= “full”>.

niche website templates


2. Comes In Two Different Colors – Blue and Red

If you don’t like blue, you can use red. The red is fit for a fierce and aggressive look and you can also project a cuddly, lovable photo with the right background. The color you are to use solely depends on your project and you can select any of these color designs.

niche website templates


3. Easy Styling With CSS

The <H1>, <H2>, and <H3> are already styled and you can use them immediately for headings and sub-headings.

Also, using <blockquote> will easily bring up the nice blue text box, with a huge double quote in the background.

When you use the <div class=” module”> it will help create a nice Johnson box for module details, bonuses and other information.

niche website templates

Create a Recruitson Profile

And instead of boring square or dot, you can create a good YES or NO list with bullets a cross image or check image. Just use < ul class= “yes”> or <ul class= “no”>.

Transform a normal boring list to a nice list with graphical bullets

niche webiste templates

Transform a normal, boring blockquote to a beautiful box with a background graphic

niche website templates

Change a normal content to a strong Johnson box by applying class=”module” to the <DIV>.

niche website templates


4. Customizable-Edit Heading and Use Your Own Background

There are two easy methods to customize your mini-site. You can edit the header by applying your own logo and text from the Photoshop PSD source file. Another way is by applying your own background graphic.

This template was designed to let the users use any background graphic. You can use a grunge theme to make a grunge website and also use a sky theme to make a happy website.

niche website templates


5. Separate Photoshop PSD Source Files Included

Photoshop can be challenging to some people but in this template, the PSD files have been split into various pieces thus making it easier to use and understand. Instead of a single large PSD file, you will get PSD such as header.psd and orderbutton.psd.

niche website templates


By using this template, you can get a brand new look and this could enhance your conversions overnight. Get it today and start customizing it.

You will be surprised that you’ll start getting extra sales you never imagine your website has or maybe extra subscribers when you thought your site was up to its limit.


This template comes with 3 powerful bonuses and they include;

1. The easy and powerful PHP system

This will really help you. You will know where everything is and it is easy to edit. So there’s no need for you to scribble through the codes like a rat.

2. Comprehensive Guide Ebook

With this comprehensive guide ebook, you will understand all about this template and what it can do for you.

3. Kickstart video tutorial

This video guide will also teach you all you need to know about the mighty minisite template.

niche website templates

Other Bonuses

1. 21 Stunning Logo Graphics For Your header

There’s no need to use the shield logo you see in there. You can now create your own and if you don’t want to create your own, there are over 10 logo graphics to choose from.

niche website templates


2. Five background Images for Five Different Look

You can even change the background and quickly bring to life a different new minisite. There are five different background designs to select from.

niche website templates


3. iSeller Stickers and order Buttons

There is about 625 web graphics collection that consists of sticker badges, order buttons, and beautiful little icons.

niche website templates


Conclusion: Niche Website Templates

With this niche website templates, you can give your mini-site the best design it should have. You can enhance your online images, gain more trust and rake in more sales with this template.

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