Pencil Drawing Course – Pencil Drawing Made Easy (20+ Video course)

Pencil Drawing Course – Pencil Drawing Made Easy (20+ Video course)
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This is a Video Series pencil drawing course with over 42 step by Step Training Videos that will get you drawing as a Professional in no time.

With this detailed and Comprehensive pencil drawing Video Course, you will learn to draw like a Master Artists with each lesson carrying exactly 2 hours of streaming time to teach you in-depth on each technique

This Course is explained in a very plain to understand the English language without complications or technical Jargons

Once you have access to this course, you will have access to it on Multiple Devices, Anywhere, anytime, on your phone, tablet or PC.

Without limitation and restriction, a one time access to this course also gives you a 24/7 forever access to the Course, which means unlimited watch time and streaming, Year in, Year out

Basically, it seems that drawing is a hard thing to do, most especially when you are just getting started, which makes people often think that to be good at drawing, you must at first have artistic ability, but that’s not the case

Far be it from the truth that you must be drawing from Childhood to be able to be the best.

Like the Widows Daughter once said that “Natural abilities are no Substitute for Hard work” in the Movie titled “Into the Badlands”.

If someone started drawing from a younger age and does not work hard or learn more and you, on the other hand, go the extra mile to learn and put more work in becoming the best, do you think that the other person will be better off than you?

The Answer as you may have guessed is NO, the reason being that natural talents are only a basis and Foundation but that has to be grown or improved upon.

Just like the case of Nolan Clark who wanted to start a business and at that point needed someone to sketch a Logo but couldn’t get to find someone to do the design, out of frustration, he went ahead to craft his first design, though it was perfect but at that point, the Artists in him was given birth to.

That was the first design he did above and as time went by and got to practice more and put in some more time and effort to it, he got better.


Classes included in the Course


Lesson 1: Introduction

introduction to pencil drawing
introduction to pencil drawing

This Introduces you into the world and concept of Pencil Drawing from beginning to finish, taking you step-by-step into all areas of the Course and what you should expect ahead.

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Lesson 2: Shading techniques

shading techniques in pencil drawing
shading techniques in pencil drawing

On this Lesson, you are introduced into shading techniques & best practices, giving you Tips and in-depth practicals into shading the right way.

Lesson 3: Creating Texture

creating texture in pencil drawing
creating texture in pencil drawing

Like you know already, Texture is another crucial part of Pencil drawing and this is exactly what this lesson does, it takes you into the overall basics and sessions of texturing.


Lesson 4: Creating Depth

creating depth in pencil drawing
creating depth in pencil drawing

At this point, you are introduced into the best ways possible to create great depths with a step by step video showing just what to do.


Lesson 5: Negative Drawing

negative drawing
negative drawing

This phase of the Course takes you into the details of Negative Drawing, exposing you to all the Negative drawing techniques that you ought to know, using the white of the drawing paper to surround it with positive marks.


Lesson 6: Reflective Objects

reflective objects drawing
reflective objects drawing

There are some objects you come across that looks so Beautiful due to the Reflection that is added to it, more like water reflection or shadows. This part of the course delves deep into Reflection techniques and how you can create a reflective effect when pencil drawing.

Using Two Apples on the Table, this Course takes you through the processes and dynamics of creating a reflection

Doing it the wrong way will only end you up with a flat App and Apples aren’t supposed to be flat. Apart from Apple, there are so many other objects that you would want to draw that actually tends to have a reflection.


Lesson 7: Realistic Eyes

realistic eyes
realistic eyes

The Eyes is one complex Organ in the real world and as such tend to have some complexity when putting it into drawing using a Pencil

In this chapter, you are going to be taken on a step by step guide on how to draw realistic eyes, giving your Eyes Life and Depth.


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Lesson 8: Realistic Noses

realistic noses
realistic noses

This is yet another important chapter of the Course where the Nose is followed through from drawing a simple structure for the nose.

Then followed by the irregular form that the Nose is, not being Circular but some complex form and shape.


Lesson 9: Realistic Mouths

drawing a realistic mouth
drawing a realistic mouth

At this point, you have gained advancement and will be introduced to the Mouth realistic drawing scene where you will learn how to do a pencil drawing of the Mouth

This Module will expose you to the simple tips and tricks in drawing realistic Lips starting with a triangle shape then furthermore complete the lips with a horizontal line.


Lesson 10: Realistic Ears

realistic ear pencil drawing
realistic ear pencil drawing

Now you get to the Ear drawing part where it seems so difficult to get something realistic enough to look just like the Ear because the Ear has so many valleys, bumps, and folds

People pay less attention to the Ear when drawing because people tend to focus more on the face and the ear parts are not given lots of attention as compared to the Nose, Mouth, and Eyes

With those 3 parts above a character or person can easily be identified

Learning to understand the complex shapes of the Ear when drawing, will make drawing Ears more Simple for you

Lesson 11: Cheek, Chin, Neck, and Forehead

how to draw the chin
how to draw the chin

In this phase of the course, you will dive into the in-depth understanding of the Cheek, Neck, Forehead and Chin Drawing

All these make up the face and must be given special attention to when drawing. First of all, you will have to grid or outline the Forehead


Lesson 12: Realistic Hair – How to draw realistic hair

drawing a realistic hair
drawing a realistic hair

In this section of the Guide, you will be thought on how to draw realistic Hairs, I hope you can relate with the technicalities of hair strands and how to overcome them

from head shape to brush choice and hairline, this Course will take you through the very steps you need to draw a realistic-looking Human hair

Beyond just drawing Realistic Hairs, this will also take you through the process of drawing Straight, curly and short hair.

This is a full course on its own on how to draw a realistic hair


Lesson 13: Beards and Moustaches – How to draw beard on face

How to draw beard on face
How to draw beard on face

For some faces like that of guys that will have Beards and Moustaches, you will have to go through this process and luckily for you, this Course has made this as simple as possible

Drawing Beards is almost the same way that was used in drawing Hair, most especially the Short Hair

Same can be said of Moustaches and other hairs on the body with their own slight variations




Lesson 1: Clothing and Knitwear


Lesson 2: Realistic hands


Lesson 3: Hyper Realistic Drawing


Lesson 4: Drawing Birds Part 1


Lesson 5: Drawing Birds Part 2


Lesson 6: Drawing Birds Part 3


Lesson 7: Drawing Birds Part 4



Question and Answer Session (Q&A)

  1. I have never drawn before, is this course suitable for me? This Course has the Beginner as well as the Intermediate Artists in mind, it takes you from the scratch considering you a Novice, showing you what to do, step by step from one phase (Lesson) to the other. Each Session is designed progressively, introducing a more advanced class in the next phase.
  2. What equipment will I need for the course?


Summary: Pencil Drawing Course

This Pencil Drawing Course is quite a great Value for whatever Money that you are going to pay for it as compared to other drawing Courses out there

We encourage you to look into it and also walk through the Courses and Classes available on this Course, that way you will be able to access the Value.

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