Photo tricks, 295+ pages and 4+ bonus – Trick photography book guide

Photo tricks, 295+ pages and 4+ bonus – Trick photography book guide
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Photo Tricks

Do you want to start creating extraordinary photos? Are you curious about other artists images? Am glad to give you this amazing e-Book guide on Photo tricks, 295+ pages with 4+ bonus by trick photography book.

Although there is no easy way to creating great and mind-blowing images with the help of this guide, I surely think you will beat it.

Don’t be nervous, just chill and follow the instructions step by step with the top secret photography tutorials in no time you will see yourself making exceptional photos.

The fact is that you don’t need an expensive camera or equipment to be able to make eye-catching images. The pro photographers will never let you know the secret to their amazing photo tricks.

I recommended this e-Book guide to my friend and now she’s creating mind-boggling images.

So if you are eager and want to start taking exhilarating photos with your regular camera and improving your regular photography skills then grab this opportunity now.

With this practical, you will able to bypass the non-professional photographer phase, taking special shots effects and creating light painting photos that are impressive and magnificent.

There is a lot of crazy photos effects that no one has probably told you before but with the techniques am going to share with you, and the next time you take shots it will be breathtaking.

As you follow these simple hair-raising techniques, you will entirely change the way you use and view your camera, with a difference in your next shot.

If you love taking pictures or obsess with photography then you won’t have any problem experimenting and trying something new or researching new ideas.

For those photographers who are passionate about taking heart-stopping images and can’t rest until they do, then you are on the right track.

My friend really got me inspired, so I decided it would be amazing sharing this guide for others to start creating jaw-dropping photos that will get the attention of people.

After going through with the tutorials and guide, your photos will be astonishing even your friends will wonder what techniques or equipment you used in taking the pictures.

What I am telling you is not photoshop, this photo trick is done by just using your plain digital camera.

Search, Review and Hire Employees

With this simple guide put all together for your use, revealing everything you need to know about creating photography tricks effects am sure you will thank me later.


Easy photo tricks you can actually do at home

  1. Make Glitters


    Make glitters with aluminum foil and scissors. Then sprinkle it on the object to get amazing effects

    Photo tricks

  2. Get closer Shots


    Have a close-shot and get a cool image

    Photo tricks

  3. Create Lighting Effects with DIY Diffuser


    Use a DIY diffuser and create a stunning lighting effect out of a semi-rigid foam.

    Photo tricks

  4. Underwater Selfie Effect


    Create an underwater selfie with a GoPro, fish tank and a selfie stick

    Photo tricks

  5. Visual Effects with fruits


    Use a mixture of fruit to get interesting visual shots

    Photo tricks

  6. Adding Lens Flare


    Adding lens flare

    Photo tricks

  7. Glass Water Effect


    Fill glass with water place in front of the object and take your shot

    Photo tricks

  8. Fake Background Effect


    Placing an object in a fake background

    Photo tricks




The eBook Photo Tricks


Photo tricks

Here is the comprehensive instructional guide that will aid you in creating flabbergasting photos your friend won’t believe and inspiring special image effects.

The eBook contains about 295 pages of Instructions, 300+ creative images created by talented photographers in the world and a 9-hour tutorial video.

For those enthusiasts photographic artists who can invest their time in getting the type of skills they really want this is the time for you.

With the support of this guide, you will be able to get to that point as a skilled photographer where your pictures will be astounding.

The exact shortcut in this book made my friend become an accomplished photographer, I want you to apply the same short cut as you follow the techniques step by step in no time you will be an effective photographer.


Photography tricks and effects

In photo tricks and effect you will learn the hardcore secrets of taking striking images that people will believe. such as;

  • The different ways of using photography tricks.


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    • How to make Eye-catching Photos


      How to make your photo eye-catching that people will keep talking about it.

      Photo tricks

    • Using a Laser Pen


      Learn how to use a laser pen

      Photo tricks

    • Visual Effect with Items at Home


      Get breathtaking visual effects using household items and flashlights

      Photo tricks

    • Simple Camera Tweaks


      The simple tweak settings in your camera that can help you take stunning photos.

      Photo tricks

    • DSLR and Infra-red Light Manipulation


      Creating great images with surreal color using your DSLR and infra-red light

    • High Range Nature Image


      How to shot a high dynamic range of nature pictures

      Photo tricks

    • Using 360 Panoramics in Editing


      Learn how you can use amazing 360 panoramics in editing shots

      Photo tricks

    • Creating Pseudo Digital Art


      The secret in creating pseudo digital art using multiple light paintings stitch together

      Photo tricks

    • Creating Invisable Man or Woman Effect


      How to make an invisible man or woman in your photos

      Photo tricks

    • Pop Up Camera Settings


      Camera settings tweak that will make things to pop up

    • Freeze Motion for Crystal Clear Shots


      A different way you can freeze motion in other to take a crystal clear high-speed pictures

      Photo tricks

    • Camera Tricks that Requires not Software

      No need for the software you can do this trick right away in your camera

    • Take 3D Photos

      Take 3D photos with your camera immediately


  • Capture Star Trail


    How to capture star trail exposure shots

    Photo tricks

  • 30sec Tweak


    Learn how you can use a 30sec tweak to create amazing photos with your camera.

  • Beat your Contemporaries in Photography


    This guide will show you how you can beat ordinary photographers and take your shots to a whole new level.

  • Use stuffs around you to capture Great shots


    You will also learn how to use your own stuff to create the most stunning photos you have ever seen

  • Photo Tricks that you or your Competitors knows nothing about


    Get all the back door secrets to photo tricks now and start creating jaw-dropping images.


Creative photography ideas


Photo tricks

  • Spray bottle
  • Mixed lighting
  • Shoot Throughs
  • Fog
  • Rain
  • Whip pan
  • Reflections
  • A prism
  • Tilt-shift
  • Free-lensing
  • Pano stitching


Weird photography tricks


Photo tricks

  • Using a lamp
  • How to use Hotshoe PEZ dispenser for kids
  • The day to night flash
  • The removal of the lens from macro
  • The deletion of tourists from a travel photograph
  •  Shaping bokeh out of a paper
  • Using a reflector as a studio backdrop
  • The camera strap GND filter
  • The insulation reflector board


The eBook photography tips

  • The landscape tips
  • Macro tips
  • Animal tips
  • Creative tips
  • Analog tips


All of the above will be further explained in the eBook, so get everything you want to know and do great works with your camera now.




Photo tricks

After purchasing the eBook, you will receive a bonus kit containing mini-books for free, giving you access to a whole lot more than you can imagine.

In this mini-book you will discover:

  • The simple techniques for understanding and making use of all the settings on your camera
  • You will also learn things such as; the depth of the field and bokeh, the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, white balance, different types of accessories you can actually get for your camera, and many more.
  • Get advice on ways you can use flashes to beautifully light up your subjects
  • Photoshop plug-ins and recommendations for filters
  • The different ways to stock your photographs and sell your art photographs



Questions and Answers (Q&A)


How do you click amazing pictures?

After you have gone through with this guide, pick up your camera and start shooting.


What are the different photography techniques?

There are amazing techniques and tips found in this eBook on photo tricks start exploring them now.


What are some photography skills?

  • Creativity is what a photographer needs
  • Patience and concentration
  • Technical skills
  • Attention to detail


How do you take interesting pictures?

  • By changing your perspective
  • Getting closer
  • Taking your time
  • Using leading lines
  • And stand out from the crowd


How do I become more creative in photography?


  • Study the guide Above carefully
  • Follow each techniques step by step
  • Watch the photos provided
  • Build up inspiration
  • Build a photoblog and many more


Do need a degree in photography to create photo tricks?

No, you don’t. All you need is to study this guide and in no time you will see yourself creating stunning photos.


How do you become a good beginner photographer?

  • Your camera should always be by your side
  • Don’t buy crazy or expensive equipment
  • Make a to-do list of what photo you will like to take
  • Enjoy your learning process
  • Take any advantage of available resource to learn
  • Be creative.


How can I learn photography on my own?

With the help of this eBook, you will learn everything you need to know in photography


Where do I start with photography?

  • Get a camera
  • View the manual
  • Make time for shooting
  • Slow down ongoing Pro
  • Prioritize your lenses
  • Take your camera everywhere with you
  • Purchase the Photography tricks eBook
  • Enjoy everything you do with your camera
  • Be creative


How can I be a successful photographer?

  • Building your portfolio
  • Taking mind-blowing photos
  • Putting enough time to photography ideas
  • Creating a unique way of taking photos
  • Starting a gallery show
  • Setting up your website



Customers reviews and testimonies

Here are some testimonies from customers who have gone through the eBook and applied the techniques. You will see how it has changed their lives and now they are doing great creating beautiful pictures.


Photo tricks photo tricks

Photo tricks

Photo tricks







Summary: Photo tricks

This amazing e-Book guide on Photo tricks, 295+ pages with 4+ bonus by trick photography book is one of the best books on photography tricks. With the aid of this guide I assure you, you will improve in your photos tricks creating astonishing images.

The pro photographers will never leak this secret to any other photographer, but this eBook has been put all together to make your learning process easy.

As long as you follow these easy breathtaking techniques, you will totally change the way you use and view your camera, with a difference in your next shot.

Enjoy taking pictures now and experience different ways you can take exhilarating photos now.

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