Real Estate Investment For Beginners Get An Investor Website+SEO Tools

Real Estate Investment For Beginners Get An Investor Website+SEO Tools
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Real Estate Investment For Beginners

Are you just getting started with Real estate investment?

Then you about to start another daring and risky journey, and you can’t possibly do it alone.

To cut short some of the risk and stress, you will be needing a web site for your Real estates investment.

And lucky you, today, be it as it may, that you are now offered an opportunity that will skyrocket your new career as an investor (that’s only if you act fast) to the next phase.

No worries, we’ve already done the research, and here we present you one of the best Investors Website, the easiest way. and at an affordable price.

  • Well optimized websites.
  • With powerful SEO tools.
  • Get 10 landing pages for all kinds of leads you intend to create.

and all these pages still link back to your Homepage (main company website you are about to get).

A Website embedded with powerful SEO tools that will help you optimize and as well as attract and capture motivated sellers. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Real Estate Investment for Beginners

The image above should be your company’s website and can also be your homepage. It is made to build credibility and make you look professional. It also links to other pages on your site. With a site like this, you show the world that you mean business.


 The 10 Landing Pages For All Kinds Of Leads

1. Landing page to attract motivated sellers.

real estate investment for beginners

Attract and capture motivated sellers with this landing page. This landing page does not link other pages to your website so there’no need to tell customers or talk to customers about the method you use to sell your properties. This landing page’s aim is to get sellers to send their contact information to you.


2. Landing page for Wholesale / Cash buyers

real estate investment for beginners

Search, Review and Hire Employees

This is a landing page for Wholesale/Cash out and earn.


3. Rent-t-Own-Buyers Landing Page

real estate investment for beginners

This landing page helps you target rent-to-own buyers to fill vacancies and capture higher rents and sale prices.


4. Landing page for Land

real estate investment for beginners

Use this page to uncover deals with less competition and nice pay-days that is if you buy land.


5. Landing page for Commercial, Apartments, and Multi-Family

real estate investment for beginners

The landing page for commercial properties, apartment complexes, and multi-family housing.


6. Landing Page for Notes

real estate investment for beginners

Buy notes to get a higher return on your investment than average.


7. Landing Page for Bird Dogs

real estate investment for beginners

Create a Recruitson Profile

Let people come to this landing page and get good deals and also send the properties details to you.


8. Landing Page for Investors

real estate investment for beginners

Get funds for deals that will give you the ability to close faster and do more deals due to the fact that your money is not tied up to them.


9. Retail Buyers

real estate investment for beginners

Keep a larger share of the profits by selling houses to retail buyers.


10. Landing Page for Judgments

real estate investment for beginners

Discover cash-flow streams at incredible yields by buying judgments.


Make use of the pages you want and if you decide to expand your methods of investment in the future, your real estate investor websites, are ready for it.

But if you only want to do just one thing, there is absolutely no problem with that. You can easily make any of these pages your home page.


Maximize your Leads – 2 Step process

maximize your leads


Step 1. Get Basic Contact Info

Ask for the necessary information like the basic contact information. By doing this, you can at least contact people who didn’t give you much information and follow them up to get more information. And when this happens, you will get an email with their information.


Step 2 – Get the Complete Details

Ask for the complete details. We inform individuals that it is in their best interest to send you more info because it will speed up the process for them. When they out the full form, you get an email with heir complete details and can easily tell how good of a lead it is.

This will save time because you don’t have to ask all these questions over the phone.


maximize your leads


Property Listings

Show properties to people without leaving your home. Just send buyers to your listings on your real estate website.

property listings



SEO Tool

Attract more leads online by making use of their Serch Engine Optimization (SEO)Tool.

SEO Tool



You can also make blog posts with this guide if only you want to share information people you know what you are talking about. The blog can also help people to find you on the internet via sites like Google.

Blog - real estate investment for beginners


Special Bonus – No-Nonsense Guide to Finding Cash Buyers

Special bonus


The No-Nonsense-Guide To Finding Cash Buyers covers 14 ways to find cash buyers for your properties.

When you order, you will be given this bonus guide. This guide is currently sold but if you order and purchase this special guide, you will also get a special bonus for free.


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