Spray Painting Art – 300+ spray paint art lesson videos

Spray Painting Art – 300+ spray paint art lesson videos
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Spray Painting Art 

When you hear spray painting the first word that comes to the mind is graffiti but there is more to it. Discover overwhelming and impressive spray painting art techniques, with over 300+ spray paint art lessons videos that will help you as an artist and as a muralist.

Trying to figure out the basics of spray paint can be frustrating when you don’t know the materials you need to create what you want or putting in so much time and no good result comes out.

Learning how to spray paint in a way that feels so right to you, can make this new hobby great and fun for you. With the lessons spray paint art secret offers I think you will be able to become a master of spray paint art using design master spray paint.

Spray painting can be fun but if you want to make money from it, you will have to explore the spray painting techniques and it spray painting tips.

Are you ready to start selling your artwork successfully and exhibiting it in art galleries? Take spray painting to the next level as you join and become a member of spray paint art secrets.

The best way to get started is to join the spray paint art secrets membership to get the best and begin lessons they offer.


The types of membership are:

These are different types of membership you can purchase and register to gain access to all of the products.


1. The basic membership

This is a great way to start spray painting and knowing the spray painting techniques. Anyone starting this class should know what the basic membership offers, these offers are:

  • 116 pages of essential spray paint Art information of secrets of Mexico.
  • Not less than 5 new spray paint art instructional videos a month, and a continuous download.
  • Any questions you have and you want to ask will be answered by an email or skype your choice.
  • For three months of your basic membership, you will be able to learn all the basic skills including skies, mountains, waves and more. you will also be able to receive 5 basic skills for instructional videos in addition to your monthly videos.
  • And you are going to get 1+ coaching session.
  • The videos will be in mobile and tablets versions.
  • You will get safety information and materials list.
  • You can upgrade to Gold membership with a discount.

Always remember to download new content because it changes every month.


2. The exclusive membership

Are you interested in learning about waves, underwater, and waterfalls paintings? then this exclusive membership is for you. Here are 17 videos you can buy and learn everything you ought to know about in painting waves, waterfalls, underwater scenes, and any other water painting.

There are even videos on how to paint dolphins and jellyfish I must say this is a great package! start learning now at only $47.

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3. The Gold membership

The gold membership package gives you the full access to experience and explores all spray painting for one full year.

Here is what you get when you subscribe for this package:

  • You will get about 116 pages of essential secret of Mexico spray paint information that will assist you in spray painting.
  • 5 new spray paint instructional videos for every month that you can download and keep for infinity.
  • Get your questions answered either by email or skype.
  • Learn different basic skills including skies, mountains, waves and more.
  • More than 200 videos of spray paint art lessons from November 2014 are available for an immediate download.
  • You can watch every single video and download on the site for about one full year.
  • videos are available for both mobile and tablets.
  • All the videos posted before you became a member from spray paint art you will get full access.
  • About 11 airbrush videos have been set up for you to show you everything you need to know and do in spray painting art techniques.
  • 3+ coaching sessions for the gold member candidate.
  • Materials are listed with information.

Know how to work on your techniques

Spray paint art secrets also show you basic technique tips like:

  • Help you understand the spray paint can.
  • How to keep it the can from clogging.
  • How to make a thin line.
  • Learn how to fill in using lines.
  • Learn how to create small dots.
  • Know the male or female valve of spray paint cans.

Spray painting art techniques that are shown in the video:

  • How wearing a hand glove can help save your hands from the paint.
  • when you are buying a spray paint can make sure they are of the same brand.
  • what you should paint on without destroying someone else property, watching the videos will give you more lights on this.


Here you will find what you necessarily need for spray painting such as:

  • Respirator or paper particle mask
  • Latex gloves
  • Glossy spray paint
  • Glossy poster board
  • Paper plates
  • Magazines and sponges to create a texture effect

You will be shown in the videos how you can use these items.


How to use spray painting art techniques to paint murals

Check out amazing and beautiful videos here on spray painting techniques to paint murals.

  • There are videos on how to use water house paint.
  • How to use bigger tools in painting.
  • Getting all your materials.
  • Planning ahead and visualizing.
  • Protecting the areas and how to use organic vapor cartridges.
  • How to use fans to move paint dust.
  • Learn different ways of using sponging.
  • Using stippling to create details.
  • How to use a stencil.
  • Achieving antiquing.
  • How to create an acrylic glaze.

Become the artist of your dreams and have fun doing so.



spray painting techniques in coaching sessions learn:

  • Guide to spray paint parallel to the surface.
  • How uneven painting is caused by incorrect swinging.

You will learn variables that determine the thin, even coat pattern:

  • Learn about the viscosity of the paint.
  • Learn the size of the spray tip.
  • Learn how to control the pressure.


Spray paint art airbrush painting secrets

They also offer videos lessons to learn Airbrush techniques. Watching these videos can capture your attention totally mesmerized you completely and the rest of the world disappears that moment.

The more you watch the videos over and over again, you will find yourself doing more than you know.

Create a Recruitson Profile

Use all the techniques you have learned and applied them to what you already do. These techniques help you save more time and one thing is certain, that you can’t find these teachings anywhere.

Purchase any membership package and learn these techniques so you can use them in your own work.

  • How to set-up your studio with a cheap airbrush, acrylic paints, and a compressor.
  • Learn how to mix your paints.
  • How to make a quick land and mountains by using either a newspaper, household items, and sponges.
  • How to make beautiful textures by using paint.
  • How to create rocks and foliage by using different kitchen sponges.
  • Know how to prepare a canvas for acrylic by using spray art techniques.
  • How to use spray painting techniques to paint landscapes and ocean waves with other fun things.



Summary: Spray painting Art

Spray paint art secrets offers the best spray painting art techniques, with over 300+ spray paint art lessons videos and a lot of bonuses that will assist you in becoming a great master design spray paint.

With the different membership packages, you will be able to access unlimited videos after purchasing any of this package. Enjoy your new hobby and take it to the next level, in no time you will be selling your work.



Questions and Answers (Q&A):

What can you do before spray painting?

You can cover up areas around you so it doesn’t get messy.

How to get a thick paper?

You can get a thick paper from any local art store.

Is there any specific type of spray painting techniques in the videos?

After purchasing any membership package you will be given videos to learn all the spray painting techniques.

What is the best paint to use on poster board?

The best is to use oil paint, glitter paint, and finger paint to create different textures.










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