Tattoo cover up makeup, online video course – Tattoo concealing master

Tattoo cover up makeup, online video course – Tattoo concealing master
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Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

With this course on tattoo cover up makeup, you will be able to cover up tattoos flawlessly, by following the 3+ video tips for tattoo coverage. Are you going for a special event and need a cover-up to conceal your tattoo? This course will show you amazing ways to conceal your tattoo.

If you have been searching for different ways you can hide your tattoo with makeup, am glad to share this with you. With this great airbrush technique, you can get a natural-looking tattoo concealing makeup.

The 3+ flawless tips will help you get a possible 100% rub proof and 100% waterproof coverage of tattoo that will last for about 2-3 days.

With this airbrush technique, a tattoo will not come off with soap and water, it can only be removed with alcohol or an alcohol-based cleanser.

After years of research using countless makeup for concealing a tattoo, the tattoo concealing master team up to bring out the best concealing methods, and want to share with everyone.

They offer an online video course to give you the skill you need to cover tattoos in the comfort of your home or you can start a successful tattoo concealing business.

Other additional findings have been made to help people with stretch marks, scars, bruises, age spots, birthmarks, and vitiligo giving them their confidence back.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to learn how you can use airbrush makeup to conceal other skin discoloration and learning properly how you can clean and maintain the airbrush system.


The step by step airbrush system for unwanted tattoo

The tattoo concealing master online video course is comprehensive but you can practice it at your own pace, or at the comfort of your home.

Basic course level

basic course level

In this basic level course, you will learn how to cover tattoos for those who want their tattoos to be covered. And also teach those who have little experience or no experience using the airbrush makeup. It is an opportunity for you to get creative and develop new useful skills.

Elite course level

elite course level

The elite course level is majorly for makeup artist or aspiring makeup artists that want to take makeup like a professional skill and get certified, with this knowledge offered by tattoo concealing master, you can make immeasurable income and enjoy the flexibility of the job and schedule tattoo covering professionally.


Search, Review and Hire Employees


Inside the course bundles:


The basic level course (modules 1-3) – Tattoo concealing master

The basic course contains 3 video lessons from each of the modules, Airbrush diagram, accompanying material lists with related PDFs


The elite course level (modules 1-4) – Tattoo concealing master

In the elite course level, you will also find courses listed in the basic course level (above) with an extra module (the module 4), which gives extensive training on the equipment and the product knowledge, discoloration/color-correction, counterbalance, and the coverage of tattoo of all skin types.



Bonus on both course bundles

These course bundles contain three (3) bonus gifts for both the basic course level and the elite course level.


Bonus 1:

A quick start guide

This part shows you the important materials needed, the basic airbrush gathering, the makeup application, setting with powder, and the basic way to clean airbrush with the appropriate one-page PDF.



Bonus 2:


Tattoo neutralization color chart

This is a user-friendly one-page PDF that has features of a complementary color wheel that will assist in determining which color-correction can be the best for neutralizing a definite tattoo color. It also has the properties of two real-life tattoo images that can be used as a practical sample to help illustrate the complementary colors and neutralizing principle.


Create a Recruitson Profile


Bonus 3:

Facebook group membership

With the tattoo concealing master you can now create a facebook group that is totally for online communities where different people can ask lots of questions, post now and then or before and after photos. This will help the network of people with unwanted tattoos and also makeup artists.

Tania the founder with partner Dorota will be interacting and coaching members one-on-one within the group, limited spots, become a member now and start the training.



Choose Elite course and get certified


Elite course certificate

By taking this great and amazing steps further, you will get the chance to cover tattoos professionally and be certified.

As you subscribe to the elite course level with the access of training videos of module 4, the elite members will be sent a customized certificate of completion if you have a passing grade that is up to 80% on their theoretical test and their practical test.

The theoretical test comprises 20 different questions of your choice and the practical test which contains two (2) short videos that will be used to evaluate the best steps in airbrush techniques. The coaches will work one-on-one with you until you get everything and become a master with the necessary skills.



The tattoo concealing master course curriculum:


Module 1:

Lesson 1: Preparing the skin

1. With a proper cleanser

2. The neutralization of positioning


Lesson 2: The preparation of your workspace

1. The airbrush system assembly

2. The general workspace materials


Lesson 3: Doing a patch test

1. Analyzing skin undertones

2. Determining colour ratios



Module 2:


Lesson 1: Neutralizing a black colour and a grey tattoo

1. The correction of the greenish and the bluish tones

2. Proper misting distance and opacity


Lesson 2: Reintroducing the skin-coloured pigments

1. Mastering the rocking boat technique

2. The proper misting distance

3. The  reintroducing texture

4. The setting with powder

5. Extending the makeup longevity


Lessons 3: Concealing a color tattoo

1. The understanding of the complementary color wheel

2. The color-correction of warm and cool tones

3. Neutralizing outlines

4. Colour washing



Module 3:


Lesson 1: Cleaning your airbrush – Regular use

1. Using the proper cleaners

2. A partial airbrush disassembly/reassembly


Lesson 2: Airbrush maintenance

1. The complete airbrush reassembly/disassembly

2. In-depth cleaning of the brush and the components


Lessons 3: Removing the makeup from the skin

1. Alcohol-based and free alcohol-free cleansers

2. Makeup remover options


Module 4 ( For Elite Only):


Lesson 1: In-depth product knowledge and equipment

1. The equipment options for location applications

2. switching between different types of airbrush makeup

3. Hindering the factors of makeup longevity

4. Using a low grade and high-grade alcohol based makeup


Lesson 2: The in-depth of color correction and the neutralization

1. Colour correctors pre-mixed versus the primary color-correctors

2. The mimicking of freckles and the bronzes


Lesson 3: Tattoo coverage for skin issues

1. Use concealing tattoo with scar tissue methods

2. Concealing tattoos with skin discolourations such as; rosacea, tan lines, vitiligo, bruises, birthmarks and many more.

3. Concealing tattoos versus laser tattoo removal

4. Concealing tattoos with body jewelry


The limit of your success with this course depends on the type of brand airbrush you are going to use and makeup too.  Now you can have a flawless looking and great tattoo coverage skin which brings you comfort.

This course can go along the way helping you grow a successful and flawless tattoo coverage business.

With this knowledge so far you can have a life-changing opportunity and also add changes in other people’s lives.


Highly recommended airbrush for serious makeup artist


Kett specific materials:

1. Hydro proof makeup

2. Loose powder

3. Hydro proof makeup remover

4. Hydro proof makeup airbrush cleanser

5. 0.25mm airbrush

6. 0.4mm airbrush

7. pressed powder


General materials:

1. Cozzette powder brush

2. Isopropyl 99% alcohol with a dropper bottle

3. Cotton swabs

4. Cotton pads

5. Paper towels

6. Airbrush cleaning brushes

7. Cup to soak airbrush parts


EBA specific materials:

1. Element compressor

2. Epic DAT 0.5mm airbrush

3. Endura SKT makeup

4.. Unveiling makeup remover

5. Vapore makeup remover


General materials:

1. Kett sett loose powder

2. Kett sett pressed powder

3. Cozzette powder brush

4. 99% isopropyl with a dropper bottle

5. Cotton swabs

6. Cotton pads

7. Paper towels

8. Airbrush cleaning brushes

9. Small container or cup soak airbrush parts


With all this, you can now venture to start your own tattoo concealing business.



Questions and Answers (Q&A)


What makeup can cover tattoos?

With the tattoo concealing videos you will be shown the perfect makeup to use.


What is the best tattoo cover up makeup?

Tattoo concealing master has the best coverage makeup


How can I cover my wedding tattoo?

The 3 tips tutorials by tattoo concealing master can be used for covering your wedding tattoo


Can you cover up a black tattoo?

After undergoing the courses you will be able to cover up not only black tattoos but also other colors too


Can airbrush makeup cover tattoos?

Yes, it can when you use the right airbrush and makeup


Can you get white ink over a black tattoo?

Yes, but with the help of these courses, I ensure you will be able to do more than that


Do cover up tattoos hurt more?

Cover up tattoo with makeup is easy and painless


Should I cover my tattoo?

That is your choice to make



Is Dermablend waterproof?

No, but tattoo concealing masters are offering waterproof lessons so get the package now!





Summary: Tattoo cover up makeup, online video course

Get great and amazing solutions to your unwanted tattoo with the guide on tattoo cover-up makeup, with 3+ flawless tips for tattoo coverage and an online video course with tattoo concealing master.

As you have undergone the courses provided for you, make an order to get the airbrushes and makeup. As soon as you are done you can start your own tattoo concealing business and begin to excel in it.



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