Vending Machine Business Opportunities – The Vending Secret Formula, Tactics & Bonuses

Vending Machine Business Opportunities – The Vending Secret Formula, Tactics & Bonuses
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Vending Machine Business Opportunities


Vending Machine Business Opportunities grants you The Vending Secret Formula +Vending Business Tactics. Learn the secret now, and increase your profit if you already had the Vending Business running.

But as a newbie, you will learn how to start a highly profitable Vending Business,

You don’t need a University degree to run or start this Business. The Vending Business is a Multi-Million dollar Business that Literally anyone can start and get streams of income.



Are you looking for a business that you could do part-time?

Do you want to make extra money to help pay for things like your monthly bills mortgage or rent?

Do you want to have extra spending money every week?

If you answered Yes to any of these 3 questions then Vending could be the answer for you!

And alongside the Secret formula that’s in place for you.

And don’t hesitate to take this offer and claim your newly added Bonuses.

The plain truth is that vending is a good way of making easy cash because when you are vending you don’t wait until payday to get paid but get paid whenever you restock one of your vending machines.

You also don’t have to wait for your boss to give you a pay raise. You can easily get a pay raise each time you place your machines on a new location and start earning.

Things you will get from this guide

A. Vending Business Tactics Ebook (50 pages of in-depth information on vending)

B. Personal 30 Minute Coaching Session with the Author (free)

Search, Review and Hire Employees

C. Video to promote your business

D. vending Business Locating Audio Training Course

E. Office Coffee Secrets Ebook of about 30 pages

F. Water Cooler Rental Business proposals

G. 10 best Business Proposals

H. Kitchen Supply Selling Strategies Video Coaching Lesson

I. Free VIP invite and Access to the author’s monthly Q&A Vending Business Coaching training Teleseminars.



Things you will learn from this book

1. Learn how to find locations for your vending machines (6 methods shown)

2. How to get started even on a tight budget

3. Learn how to get your vending machines for free

4. How to get your prospects to call you first

5. Learn how and where to buy your vending machines for the best price

6. learn how to avoid paying commissions to your locations

Create a Recruitson Profile

7. Know the right vending machines to buy

8. Learn how to spot vending opportunity scams and avoid them

9. You will learn how to rent your vending machines instead of buying them

10. You will learn how to pay off your vending machines easily and fast

11. Learn how to make real cash in vending

12. learn how to get your locations to subsidize the sales of your products

13. learn how to keep your competitors away and never lose a location

14. You will learn how to maintain your vending machines in order to keep them running for a long time

15. Know the difference between new and used vending machines and their prices

16. learn how to expand your services to your locations and earn more money

17. learn how to sell your locations, leads and even machines to earn more money

18. Know the Business Licensing and Registration

19. Know how to transport your vending machines

20. learn how to keep your costs down

21. Learn how to get more referrals to expand your business


Special Bonuses you will get when you purchase this ebook

These bonuses will help you earn more money in your vending business. The bonuses were structured to teach and train you through some personal coaching as well as a series of audio training and video training to help you to start your vending business successfully.

Among these bonuses include a very special one that will help you get some new locations for your vending machines.

Bonus 1: Free 30 Minute Coaching Session With The Author

This bonus guide will help you start your vending business the right way. The author provides the resources you can get to start earning immediately.

People that start this business without taking time to learn and educate themselves always end up making terrible mistakes. But don’t worry, when you purchase this book and get this particular bonus, you will know all that is required to start a successful vending business.


Bonus 2: Get Locations

Bonus 2 includes a video that will train you and help you get prospects calling you for your vending services in your local region.

By watching this video, you will learn how to get your first location.


Bonus 2 vending machine business opportunities

Bonus 3: vending Business Locating Audio Training Lesson

Bonus 3 includes a 30-minute audio training course where you will learn how to cold call potential locations in your community.

You will learn the exact words to say to your prospects about your vending service company and also learn how to follow up and close the deal on your potential locations.

Bonus 3 vending machine business opportunities


Bonus 4: Office Coffee Secrets Ebook

Selling Office Coffee as a service to your locations can earn you extra cash. This bonus guide will show you how to make extra $500 per week by dropping off some cases of coffee and a few other coffee products to your locations.

There some vending operators that have changed their businesses from vending to an ALL Office Coffee because the brewers are easy to set up and also most local businesses spend a lot purchasing coffee for their staff.

This is an easy to read Ebook that you can download and read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Bonus 4 Vending machine business opportunities


Bonus 5: Water Cooler rental Secrets Audio Training Lesson

How would you feel when you make $35.00 over and over again per month from each water cooler you set up?

Just imagine that you have over 20 water coolers in local businesses in your location on a rental basis. do you know how much extra cash you will make?

20 water coolers X $35.00 every month = $700.00 per month.

Just think about it, even if you have just 1 water cooler out on location your investment in this product will be paid for in less than a month. isn’t that cool?

With this audio bonus guide, you will learn how to set up water coolers and how to rent it out.


Bonus 6: 10 Best Business Proposals

With these 10 best business proposals from the author, you can start using your vending business in no time. All you need to do is to edit them and use them the way you want.

These proposals are the same proposals the author of this ebook used to close the deals on his new locations. The proposals are laid out on a Microsoft Word document so that you can easily plug in your information and then print them or mail them to your prospects.


Bonus 7: Kitchen Supply Selling Strategies Video Tutorial (Vending Business Video Coaching Program)

Here, you will be shown the exact system for earning more cash at each of your locations without spending money selling Kitchen Supplies to your accounts.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make an extra $900.00 every month from just selling some products every week to three of your vending accounts.


When your order for this ebook, you will be given a special bonus, exclusive VIP Access to the author’s monthly coaching Q & A vending Business Training Teleseminars.

This bonus was included because you have shown the author that you are a person who takes action in their life.

Signs that you need this guide

1. You are struggling to make the money that you want

2. You are searching for an easy business to start that will earn you  money every week

3. You need the best information on vending without spending much money

4. You really want to find out the key secrets in Vending that are being kept from you

5. You just require some personal help to start getting money

6. You just need someone to steer you in the right path of what works

7. You are tired of rotating around in circles and just want the “insider’ info on how to make money in vending ASAP.

With this guide, you stand a great chance for succeeding in the vending business and avoid all the mistakes a beginner will encounter.

But if you start the vending business without this information, you will lose money by one of the following;

1. you will overpay for your vending machines

2. You will buy a location from an individual and overpay again

3. You will buy the wrong type of vending machine

4. You won’t know how to get vending machines for free

5. You will struggle to get your vending business off the ground

6. You will struggle like most vending operators to get new locations for your vending machines.


But if you don’t want to make mistakes and start your own business successfully get this ebook.


Conclusion: Vending Machine Business Opportunities

With this guide, you will learn different vending machine business opportunities and also different secrets of starting your own vending business.

The vending business is an easy and very fast way to make extra cash and if you really want to learn it the right way, download this ebook and the bonuses.

When you purchase this ebook, you will be given a free VIP invite and have access to the author’s Q & A Vending Business Coaching training Teleseminars.

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