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Question and Answer: All You Should Know About Samsung Foldable Phone

Q: What is the origin of foldable Phone?

The foldable phone era has started and Samsung was the first tech company to introduced the world to its first foldable phone. The company first teased the world with its idea at a Developers Conference held on Nov. 7 2018. Of which during the conference, a short video was displayed and a prototype momentarily held up in an executive’s hand.

Q: What’s the name of the phone?

Samsung has not yet release an official name. But rumors suggests that, it’ll be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. The “F” could stand for “fold” or “flex”. The “X” might mean “extra” or “10”. So, we all wait a little time for Samsung to spell the official name out.

Q: What is a foldable phone like?

According to Samsung’s definition, a foldable phone is a device with a cellular connection (hence the “phone” part) that looks like a tablet when it’s full opened and can close to look like your usual phone. In order words, we can say its a single device that can serve as both table and smartphone.

Q: Do you really need a foldable phone?

For its advantages, Yes. You need a foldable phone. For example, Samsung’s model has a 4.5-inch display that you’ll use when it’s closed. Then the inside opens into a 7.3-inch screen. A larger screen gives you an expanded viewing surface, but it also unlocks different ways that you can use your device.

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Q: When will Samsung start the selling of the flex or foldable phone?

There is a rumor that the world first foldable or flex phone will start selling next year March. However, what we do know for now is that, Samsung said it will start mass producing the phone in the “coming months”. So, the flex phone will likely start selling in 2019.

Q: How much will it cost?

The truth is that, Samsung hasn’t announced it. However, according to a report from South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, the fordable phone could cost $1,770 (NGN644,000). Well, like said earlier on, Samsung is yet to release an official price.

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