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Social Media Fraud: Top Social Media With High Internet Fraud

Social Media have done well in linking us with our friends and family. Social media has also done as good by giving us latest information as they happen around the globe. In a manner of speaking, social media have gradually turned the world into one small global village over the years.
However there is an increase in the rate of social media fraud. In this article we’ll be trying to list some social media platform with high level of fraud. While social media was not originally designed for fraudulent activities, it seems fraudulent acts has forced it way into been an integral part of social media.

Social Media Fraud: List Of Top Social With High Online Fraud

The list below is not aimed at giving any social media bad name. It is aimed at helping people using these platforms stay aware and avoid falling for fraudsters online.
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  1. Telegram
  2. Facebook
  3. Words With Friends
  4. Google Hangouts
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter

Before we continue with the explanations and tips to avoid been victims in the above mentioned platforms. Please note that the social media themselves are not the cause of these acts but the users.

1. Telegram

The Telegram social media App is designed in such a way that it has top security and high level privacy. With its back to back encryption tech, it only supports a sender and receiver information leak. This is one of the major reasons why most people use it to fraud others.
People can easily create Telegram Bots, Channels and groups that seem real. And given the little information required for registration it is almost impossible to catch the guys behind these acts.
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Some Frauds performed with Telegram

  1. Fake Investment Bots
  2. Fake Cryptocurrency Mining Bots
  3. Forex trading bots that are not real
  4. Free Loan Bots
  5. Channel for fake Forex training and trade options
  6. Crypto Investment bots, groups and channels that are fake

The list goes on. Our advice is that you should not invest in any Telegram bots, groups or channel. Chances are 90% of these are fraudsters.

2. Facebook

With millions of users worldwide, this is the bedrock of fraudsters. The only reason why its not occupying the first spot is that fraudsters are easily traceable here. However Facebook does provide many options for online fraudsters.
From Facebook Page to Facebook groups and Direct Inbox messages. Some Facebook Ads are even sponsored by Fraudsters with fake IDs. The worst part of using Facebook is someone can easily impersonate someone else and start defrauding others.
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How to stay safe on Facebook? there are few tips. Only accept friend request from people you know. Report any suspicious account, group or page. Also be careful the quantity and quality of personal information you put on Facebook.

3. Words With Friends

This supposedly simple and interesting game has become a ground for impersonators. People with fake IDs use this App to make friends and start defrauding people.
Spotting a fraudster here is very difficult but they usually take all their victims to one App next and that App is the Google Hangouts. You want to know why, please read on.

4. Google Hangouts

An App developed by Google for multi purpose video call and video conference calls. But sadly this wonderful App have become playing ground for fraudsters. Why?
The reason is simple. To use Hangouts you only need to have a valid GMAIL Account which you can get within 5 minutes. No other information is required. This is the main reason why Imposters from Words With Friends above will always take their victims to Hangouts.
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With Hangouts, fraudsters can act under the cover of names and picture of someone else with ease. When next you want to strike a business on Hangouts, try to make video calls that will last at minimum 30 seconds. Listen to the voice and audio to know if the person is real.

5. Instagram

A place for videos and pictures. Instagram is meant to showcase your goods, products and services and your creativity. But some persons impersonate others here and also they post fake goods and pictures.
Most of the services on Instagram are fake and not real hence be sure to see some real actions before you go into business here. Also make good use of the Instagram Live video feature to know who is for real and the fraudsters.

6. Twitter

This news App is the least place for fraudsters as they can do very little fraud here. Unlike other social media Apps mentioned above, Twitter make use of tags and mentions. And with few text allowed by the App people can’t write long text to fraud others with ease.
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Twitter has also recently increased its security systems by blocking any Twitter account that consistently make use of too many hashtags. Compare with other social media platforms, Twitter is the safest so far.
people who developed these social media Apps and Platforms have good intentions at heart. However some users have decided to introduce the Social Media Fraud into these wonderful platforms.
So when next you are enjoying the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc have it in mind that Social Media Fraud is real. So please try and be safe and don’t fall victim to these fraudsters. You might just help someone by sharing this to Facebook. Use the Facebook share button below. Like our post,please share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to create awareness.

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