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South Africa, Kenya Win The Race in Bitcoin Cash Adoption

Africans are fast adopting Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment in the continent. And this is because, Bitcoin cash offers reliable, fast and inexpensive cryptocurrency transactions when compared to traditional means of sending money.

Currently, BCH as a payment method is currently established in two countries on the continent, Kenya and South Africa, though it continues to flourish elsewhere in the world.

For example, South Africa recently launched a Bitcoin payment App. And according to data from Google Trends, this year so far, South Africa has consistently ranked highest worldwide in search interest for “bitcoin.”

More also, Kenyans are fast adopting BCH as a means of payment for services. For example, Boxlight Electronics, a Kenyan company that distributes a range of electrical gadgets including television sets and home theaters, now accepts payment in bitcoin core and bitcoin cash.

Mr Robinson Murage, chief executive officer of Boxlight Electronics, has said previously: “We have received tons of requests from our customers to pay using digital currencies. As a company whose 90% of customers are young, tech savvy and predominantly online we choose to be all inclusive and adapt to the needs of those that prefer this type of currency.”

How fast do you think other African Countries will copy Kenya and SA in adopting Bitcoin Cash?

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