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The eFIN Decentralized Exchange

The EFIN Decentralized Exchange is the first ever cross-chain easy-to-use Decentralized Exchange that allows users to control their own funds and nodes. The eFIN blockchain coin was designed and built to power this vast decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform which runs on TOR network for maximum user security and privacy.

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The eFIN blockchain was built with privacy in mind. Presently, there is no other privacy coin in the cryptospace that matches the level of security that discerning users demand for their transactions without sacrificing speed and security. Upcoming privacy enhancements on the eFIN trading platform will include Schnorr Signatures, Scriptless Scripts, Tree Signatures, and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms.

True decentralized trading platforms are notoriously slow, because transactions are done peer-to-peer and entirely on-chain. The eFIN coin was developed as a bridge coin; to enable secure instant trading without using centralized third-parties. The EFIN platform seeks to achieve this with Native SegWit and Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin, TokenPay, Litecoin and other Infinitesimal- and Lighting Network-compatible chains.

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TokenPay was named as Quarter 1 2019 Cryptovalley Top 50 Swiss Fintech Company by CVCV. The platform has made strategic partnerships with Verge and Litecoin Foundation. They have also secured equity and technology deals with Germany’s WEG Bank and Switzerland’s TokenSuisse.

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Sign up to EFIN decentralized exchange now in order receive free EFIN coin rewards simply by staking TPAY, which is the native TokenPay blockchain. Staking powers the blockchain network and its critical decentralized security infrastructure. Those who stake coins are therefore rewarded by the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Trading on the platform attracts very low fees and zero trading fees if one is trading eFIN coin, TokenPay, Verge and Litecoin.

With the introduction of the eFIN platform, those who stake TPAY not only benefit by receiving staking rewards awarded in TPAY, but now receive EFIN coins as well. Automatically receive free EFIN coins every month simply by staking TPAY coins. To qualify for these EFIN coin awards, simply join the eFIN Decentralized Exchange platform. You can also chose to partner with the platform since their partners are entitled to a 5x – 12x EFIN coin staking reward multiplier.

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In addition, after signing up you can get 1,000 free EFIN coins simply by executing 10 easy trades on the eFIN Decentralized Exchange platform. This limited time offer is valid only for the first 200,000 eFIN sign-ups. There are now over 5,330 activated eFIN accounts sign ups. Take advantage of this opportunity now while it lasts.

Note: This is not a financial advice. Investment in cryptocurrency is highly volatile and risky. Do proper research before engaging in such activities as mntrends will not be responsible if any loss arises.

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