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How To Use iTunes to Unlock iPhone XR, & XS Max

Just so you know, you can use iTunes to unlock iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. How?

The procedures to unlock iPhone XR through the use of iTunes is very simple. All you need to to do is to connect the device to computer and then send it to recovery mode, iTunes will do the rest. How so?
Follow the procedures below.

1. To start with this procedure, you first have to update your iTunes app to the latest version.

2. After which, connect your iPhone XR, XS and Max to your computer using a data cable.

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3. After the connection established you have to send the device into the Recovery Mode.

How to Get Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

1. Switch the device off

2. Then, tap Volume Up key and then again the Volume Down key. Now, keep holding the Side button until the Connect to iTunes is displayed.

3. After the device is in the Recovery Mode, iTunes will prompt that it has detected a device that is already in Recovery Mode.

4. Then, on the following message you have to click on “Restore”.

5. iTunes will verify to factory reset your iPhone. Tap “Restore and Update” here.

After following the above procedures, your iPhone Will come back to life again but it will definitely erase all the data and settings. Thus, aside from iCloud, iTunes is another official way to unlock your iPhone.

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