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Updated Lists of Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platforms

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

No doubt you might come across some real Bitcoin Cloud Mining websites. And to say the truth some of these mining companies are no longer functioning. In this article we’ll introduce you to a list of best bitcoin cloud mining platforms. Some of these platforms have been in the game for a while and others are just new in the bitcoin mining space. Let’s explore together.


1. SPLITT MINING: This is perhaps the best bitcoin cloud mining platform as at the time of writing this article. Splitt is paying its investors every hour and it’s withdrawal process is instant. Splitt does not charge its investors any maintenance fee and they do not charge for transaction fees either.

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Unlike most mining platforms, splitt is changing the cryptocurrency mining methods. Splitt is built in such a way that even amateurs can buy a contract and atsrt earning right away. You can CLICK HERE to register for a free splitt account. You can also CLICK HERE to read our previous articles about splitt cloud mining platform. We highly recommend that you invest in Splitt as its only mining platform without complaints from investors as at the time of writing this article.

2. GENESIS MINING: We’ll start the list with the well known and respected Genesis Mining Platform. This is perhaps one of the oldest bitcoin mining platform that have been paying its investors. Although purchasing a mining contract is a hit expensive, lots of persons have made good amount of btc from investing in Genesis Mining. Registration is easy and purchasing a mining contract is also very simple. Currently, the minimum contract available for purchase in Genesis Mining is worth $250. So you can CLICK HERE and use hBQD21 as your reference code to register for a free account and check if you can actually purchase the minimum contract available.

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3. HARSHFLARE: Harshflare is also among the best bitcoin mining platforms available today. The return of investment in Harshflare is reasonable and they allow you to choose a pool you would like to join and mine. Harshflare also support mining of other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum etc.

Although Harshflare recently experienced some difficulties in making payments for its investors that bought bitcoin mining contracts, the website is trying to make up with ETH mining. You can CLICK HERE and use  D648AED4 as a referral code to register for a free account. And also check out the platform and know how best to buy a contract. Unlike Genesis mining, Harshflare mining contract are relatively cheap and easy to purchase. For as low as $10 worth of btc you can purchase an ETH mining contract in harshflare.

4. NEXUS MINING: Nexus mining is believed to be among the very best bitcoin mining platforms. Maybe one of the reason for this is that it offers free mining hash power for its users at registration. This free hash power is upgradeable by simply purchasing a mining hash power that increases the output for its investors.

According to report, nexus mining was also affected by the recent bitcoin price and hence like hashflare switched to the mining of other cryptocurrencies like ETH to stay in business. You can CLICK HERE to register for a free account and check out the platform before you decide to buy a mining contract.

There are other bitcoin cloud mining that can and should be among the best bitcoin cloud mining platform, but the above are the ones we have tested and they are relatively trusted. Please note that there is no guarantee from Mntrends about any of the platform above as we do not own and run these platforms. So invest wisely, for more details please don’t hesitate to use the CONTACT US page to send us a message.

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