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Western Union And How It Works In Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to send money from overseas and you heard someone said you should use Western Union? Western Union is just one of the many financial institutions that makes it possible for persons to send and receive money in most countries in the world.

What is Western Union

Western Union is an American base financial institution that makes it possible to send and receive money around the world. It’s services was recently said to be in about 123 countries and still counting.

Western union has lots of features but some of these features are restricted in some countries. In the United States and most Europe countries, almost all its services are available. But in some African countries and Nigeria, there is restrictions on some services.

To begin using Western Union to send and receive money, it’s good you understand how it works. This article will help you better understand how Western union function.

How Does Western Union Work

Think of Western Union as the bridge between two people( in case if international use it is a bridge between two countries). A sender of money and a receiver of the money. This means that they have just one job making sure that money sent is delivered to the right person.

With the above in mind, it’s time we take some example of how they function. A typical example is that of your uncle or aunt living overseas, he wants to send you money let’s say $500.

Your Uncle or Aunt goes to his/her bank or any verified Western Union agent in his country or use the official Western Union website. Log into his account, click the Send Money button and start the process.

The sender fill out all needed details about where the money is going. For example how much will be sent, the receiving country and to whom it should be paid. Western Union will now give him an MTCN (the tracking code of the transaction). Your uncle or aunt gives you this code.

The question and answer part is also filled by your uncle or aunt. The answers to the questions is given to you by your uncle. As you’ll need the answers to these questions to be able to make the withdrawal.

You visit any Bank or verified Western Union agent in your country. You use this code to track and withdraw the money. In some countries you are only expected to answer some few questions about the transaction. While other countries a valid means of verification is required.

If you are able to bring the right tracking code and also answer the related questions correctly. Then provide a valid means of identification then the money get laid directly into your account.

This means that the answers to those questions can not be given to a third party else he might be able to cash out the money. Secondly the MTCN which is your tracking code should be kept safe too.


To Successfully use the service of Western Union you need to have a verified Western union account. You can use this official link to get a free western union account.

In our next article we’ll be showing you how you can register and verify your western union account with ease. Please use the share button below to share our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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