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What Are The Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech?

In this imperfect world, every good also have its own bad. In order words, Artificial intelligence (AI) is not all about the good or benefits alone because AI also have its own flaws.

In this article we’re going to discuss the disadvantages of artificial intelligence to humans or the world in general.

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• High cost of purchase and maintenance as the hardwares and softwares need to be update regularly to meet the latest requirements.

• Issues of morality and ethicality has raised questions like, is it right to have android, human-like robots, or recreate intelligence, a gift of nature that shouldn’t be recreated?

• Artificial intelligence will increase the rate of unemployment in the society. As machines are replacing human resources, the rate of people losing their jobs will increase.

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• As smart as you think robots are, they are also dummies as well. This is because they can’t think outside the box other than what they are just programmed to do. They can’t function outside of whatever algorithm or programming that is stored in their internal circuits.

• Unlike humans that can develop with time (human capital), machines cannot develop. And moreover machines are emotionless and at such can’t feel Compassion and Sympathy. Thus, it lacks the human connection that makes the team.

• Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help you create and design, but they can’t advise you as they don’t have the power of human brain. They performed what is programmed and can’t make the judgement of wrong or right. If there is a situation unfamiliar to them they can’t take decisions, or perform either breakdown or incorrectly.

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